• What is cheese with mold?

    Tatyana Lyho
    Tatyana Lyho
    December 27, 2012
    What is cheese with mold?

    It used to seem that mold is a sign of the spoiledness of the product, until various varieties of cheese with mold appeared on the shelves of our stores. And in this product, mold determines its high quality. After all, the mold used in cheeses is food, and it is this that gives this dairy product a specific taste. But today we will talk about what is cheese with mold?

    Some types of blue cheese

    Although these unusual for us cheeses and sold in the store, they are not a staple food. This can be judged by the delicate taste and, looking at its price. After all, France is the birthplace of blue cheese, although other countries also produce cheeses with different molds. In order to understand what there is with blue cheese, we will walk a little through its types and characteristics.

    The color scale of a mold is various: white, blue, blue, green. It covers either the head of the cheese on top, or is present inside as a spectacular vein.

    So, the well-known French cheese "Roquefort" has no analogues in the world.The original taste of cheese, made from sheep's milk and ripening on oak shelves located in limestone grottoes, in truth - do not forget. It is served to the table as an appetizer or dessert, with a cracker or a crispy baguette. Be sure to get in advance from the refrigerator to keep warm.

    And with what is a blue cheese called "Gorgonzola"? This gentle, light cheese from Italy goes well with fruits and vegetables. The restaurants serve soft or dessert fortified wines. This cheese gives an unusual taste in a duet with honey and nuts.

    English cheese with mold "Stilton" is different from previous cheeses incredible aroma and sweet taste. It is used in soups, mashed potatoes, vegetable casseroles and sandwiches. Served with port.

    Use of white mold cheese

    White mold in the cheese makes this dairy product soft and tender, with a delicate taste and aroma, reminiscent of fruit and mushroom creamy mass. These cheeses have common signs. The same aging period of cheese, soft pulp, spicy taste or aroma, a short shelf life and selection of wine - the sharper the cheese, the brighter the wine.This type of cheese includes: "Brie", "Camembert", "Mirabeau", "Nefshatel". What is the cheese with white mold, are there any peculiarities in their use? There is one peculiarity: this type of cheese should be eaten only fresh. It is poorly stored because of its soft consistency, reminiscent of frozen condensed milk. Its ideal use is before dessert.

    Do not forget that blue cheese is a delicious, high-calorie product. When consuming it, listen to your body.

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