• Wine lipstick - the trend of spring 2015

    It is difficult to say that wine lipstick is some kind of completely new and unusual coil in the beauty sphere, in fact, dark shades in lip make-up have been used for more than a decade, however, this very year this product returns to the peak of its popularity after several years of complete oblivion.

    Naturally, the first to turn to the well-forgotten old were the gurus of the most famous fashion houses: Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Vicrtor & Rolf and others.

    Over time, fashionable movement from catwalk models migrated to the lips of celebrities and the first beauties of the world, who were very keen on wine insanity, because, with the help of such shades, provided they are properly used, you can create a truly bohemian form.

    Unfortunately, the wide masses of lipstick in wine shades are spreading poorly, many believe that this is more the prerogative of girls supporting the informal movement, as well as for young teenage girls who are looking for ways to express themselves. And in vain!

    If you choose the right and skillfully use wine lipstick in the overall composition, then you can turn into a real diva, elegant and bright, which will attract admiring glances of fans. We will talk about how to choose wine lipstick and how to use it correctly in our article today.

    What happens?

    Often, when women go shopping in search of a wine color, they focus their attention exclusively on the deep and heady burgundy, not even suspecting that the range of luxurious “wine” shades can vary greatly.

    There is a whole gradation: raspberries, currants, dark cherries, rotten cherries, ripe plums and so on! Here, to the wine tones, ranked dark red and rich purple lipstick.

    It is not difficult to guess that among such a variety for each type of appearance there are suitable options. Wine shades can be found in the collections of many well-known manufacturers: Lumene, Givenchy, Dior, Avon, Smashbox and many others.

    We select the right shade

    How not to be mistaken among the presented variety and how to choose your own shade? Experts recommend,First of all, focus on your own shade of hair and skin, and, not to get confused, we give you a small scheme of correspondences.

    • Burning brunettes, as well as ladies with chestnut curls are recommended dark wine and burgundy colors.
    • Classic cherry and berry shades are perfect for platinum blondes and girls with ashen hair and fair skin.
    • Happy owners of fiery red hair are advised to avoid purple and classic wine shades, but shades of burgundy are quite acceptable.

    All of these recommendations are subjective, and therefore they can change, depending on each specific case, which once again proves that every shade you like should be “tried on” for yourself. As for skin color:

    • owners of light porcelain skin should approach berry shades;
    • girls with brightly expressed swarty skin are ideal for purple and classic wine tones;
    • slightly olive skin color involves the use of dark red lipsticks or variations on the Bordeaux theme.

    What is the combination of "wine" sponge?

    The most important rule for all the fair sex,who dream to show off a deep, intoxicating touch on their lips, this is well-groomed and clear skin. Who would suit such lipstick?

    Only to those ladies who can boast of an even perfect complexion, in any case, it is important to make it so if you want to really look like a splendid diva, and not as an inept teenager with whom many stereotypes about dark lipstick are associated.

    The dark color of your lips will attract attention not only to them, but to the entire face as a whole. So, there are two common types of make-up using wine lipstick.

    • The main focus is on the dark lips, on the rest of the face makeup should be minimal: slightly tinted cilia, perhaps unobtrusive use of silvery or golden shades. This option is ideal not only for an evening out, but also for everyday bows.
    • In the second version, the emphasis falls not only on the lips, but also on the eyes, usually these are either dark arrows or juicy “Smokey ice”. In general, it is possible to create an exclusively evening version, which is suitable for theater or club exits.
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