• Will massage lose weight?

    The option "60 minutes on a massage table - and I lose weight" will not roll. Mechanical action practically does not contribute to the acceleration of lipolysis processes. Otherwise, people with excess weight simply would not have been

    Will massage lose weight?

    The basis for weight loss is a persistent energy deficit, which is achieved through a well-designed nutrition program and exercise. However, in this matter everything is somewhat more complicated than it seems. I'm talking about reducing the numbers on the scales precisely due to the process of disintegration of adipose tissue (and not the removal of excess water from the body and the breakdown of muscle tissue). The main catalysts of lipolysis processes are stress hormones: adrenaline, norepinephrine, glucagon, adrenocorticotropic hormone. Under the influence of physical exertion or with an energy deficiency, they begin to be actively synthesized and activate lipase - a special enzyme that provides the process of fat loss.

    From this we can conclude that if you stimulate the blood flow in a certain part of the body, say, in the abdomen, the fatty tissues there will be utilized faster.In theory, all this looks extremely tempting, but there is no research supporting this theory.

    But massage is still one of the methods of influencing the elasticity of the skin and its beauty, although this is not related to the processes of utilization of fatty tissues. First of all, these effects are achieved by:

    • improvements in lymphatic drainage (adipose tissue is rich in lymphatic capillaries, and with regular lymphatic drainage procedures, the volume of its cells decreases);
    • normalization of blood circulation (body massage gives muscles a tone, opens blood capillaries and improves blood flow, thereby positively influencing the metabolism);
    • restoration of digestion (impact on the abdominal area improves the bowels, stimulating the processes of absorption and digestion).

    It is generally believed that cellulite is an ordinary subcutaneous fat, but this is not entirely true. In addition to fat cells, the cause of the increase in weight and volume is also water. It should be emphasized that all movements of water in the body are closely related to electrolyte metabolism, which can be disrupted due to improper diet and age-related changes. Massage, although it cannot help the body utilize fatty tissues or affect its electrolyte balance, but mechanically expels water in a short time.

    Will massage lose weight?

    Normalization of the blood flow, in turn, indirectly affects the water-electrolyte balance and metabolic processes, ensuring sufficient and timely supply of nutrients to the subcutaneous fatty tissue and the skin itself, providing a lifting (tightening) effect, thereby improving the external condition of the skin.

    Summarize: massage is a good aid for weight loss. But precisely auxiliary. The lazy option “I want to lie and press, lie and press” does not work, you have to sweat in the gym, and restrain your appetite.

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