• Why wear anti-torn shoes?

    When the baby is just starting to walk, this process touches everyone. Uncertainly, a little kosolapo child carefully rearranges the legs and makes its first steps. But over time, some parents notice that the “bear gait” does not disappear anywhere, and sometimes it becomes even more pronounced.

    The child continues to lean when walking not on the whole foot, but only on its outer edge. This situation requires urgent consultation of the orthopedist, who will examine your child for clubfoot. But even if the diagnosis is confirmed, do not panic, it is treatable.


    The clubfoot, in medicine denoted by the term "varus", implies the wrong arrangement of the feet, which, when walking, become not straight, but collapse outwards. It is possible to correct this situation, but only after consulting and prescribing an orthopedic surgeon.

    Antivirus footwear is designed to retract the foot, that is, bring it into a straight, correct position.Due to special sewing, the load when walking is distributed evenly, preventing curvature.

    Outwardly, such shoes may look a little ridiculous, because it will seem to you that the left and right shoes are swapped. But this is its feature.

    Such shoes must meet several important characteristics.

    1. High hard berets. They securely fix the ankle joint, which prevents the leg from “dangling” and prevents further deformation of the foot and joints.
    2. The insole is made, depending on the severity of the clubfoot and its localization - heel, toes, general. It makes walking softer and does not give the leg much fatigue.
    3. The instep is missing. It is strictly contraindicated in kosolapii, unlike flatfoot.
    4. The heel is elongated from the outside (Thomas's heel), and the socks are slightly unfolded outward.
    5. There are Velcro or lacing on the entire height for more precise adjustment.
    6. In the heel area there is necessarily a dimple. This will help the heel not to move out and always be in the right position.

    The design developed in this way provides a uniform effect when walking on three points:

    • thumb;
    • the middle outer part of the foot;
    • inner heel.

    If the load is distributed correctly, the child’s back and legs do not get tired, and the blood circulation in the lower extremities improves.

    Selection features

    Immediately it is worth noting that children's anti-tally shoes can not be cheap. It is always made from natural materials, in particular leather, and often, on the basis of individual needs, that is, under the order.

    Factory options are also possible, but they are best purchased in specialized departments and stores.

    Never buy shoes and shoes for growth, the size should be as accurate as possible, because the therapeutic effect largely depends on it.

    Do not buy therapeutic shoes without a child. He has to measure it, be like it, and you will be convinced that the correction has become noticeable.

    You should not worry that the child will feel discomfort in the process of wearing. Following the recommendations of the doctor in the selection process, you will receive a pair, which in no way will hamper the movement of the child.

    The greatest effectiveness has the treatment, which is carried out at the age of 4-5 years.At this age, ligaments still have high elasticity, which contributes to a more rapid solution to the problem. In combination with shoes, massage and special gymnastics, which improve the effectiveness of treatment, are not superfluous.

    In cases of recurrence, orthopedists insist on more serious methods of correcting the varus - plastering or wearing special fixing devices.

    Timely contact with a doctor will help to identify the problem at an early stage, when it can still be corrected without surgical intervention. Be attentive to the health of your baby and do not neglect planned visits to specialists.

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