• Why do rivers flow?

    Evgenia Zimnyakova
    Evgenia Zimnyakova
    February 4, 2013
    Why do rivers flow?

    The river is like a perpetual motion, it flows endlessly. But at the same time, probably, rarely anyone thinks why it always flows only in one direction. Water is in endless motion. How to explain this life of the rivers? Let's try to figure out why rivers flow.

    Why rivers flow

    Everything is very simple! First, the solution lies in the properties of water. Namely, in its special property - very strong fluidity. Taking into account the laws of physics and chemistry, we will understand the reason for the constant movement of rivers. The primary role is played by the law of gravity of the Earth, which constantly affects the water of rivers.

    An important role for choosing the direction of the river is played by the relief of the terrain along which it flows. As we know, all the rivers originate in the source, which can be all kinds of things: a lake, a swamp, an underground source or another water resource. The river ends its way into the mouth, which can also be absolutely any body of water. And here, if we think about where the rivers flow from, we will understand that from the highest point of our path.

    After the information received, everything finally falls into place. It becomes immediately clear why mountain rivers flow much faster than plain rivers. Why no river never stops its flow. And why the rivers of Russia flow slowly. For Russia, this is primarily due to the relief of the whole area of ​​our country, which has a huge extent and, in general, the flat character of the area. The rivers at the same time, have a small force of water flow, because of what they can not pave a new path, and go around all obstacles. The direction of the river can only be shifted by the earth’s surface as a result of an earthquake that changes the level of the source and the mouth.

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