• Why pain can not be tolerated

    That's how people grow up, sincerely believing that a person should be able to endure pain. And suffer, postponing the visit to the doctor "to the last." Until he “grabs” in such a way that the ancient Spartan, probably, would not have survived. But is it necessary to demonstrate stoic patience while enduring pain? And is the example of the Spartans, whom the other ancient Greeks, by the way, despised, considering an example of rudeness and ignorance, to be so useful? For a long time, pain was called the "watchdog of health." When a person is hurt - this is a sign that all is not well in this or that organ. In other words, there is a situation that needs to be corrected. It is to correct, but not to endure, gritting his teeth! For example, no one in his right mind, accidentally touching an excessively hot surface, would hold his hand on it, but immediately reject it. He would never even think that he needed to prove his resilience and patience. So why in many such cases, people show unpardonable frivolity? Why are they hoping to get more and more? After all, the causes of pain can be different: and relatively harmless, and very dangerous, when you need to immediately seek medical help. Let's sayIn some cases, cancer can be cured successfully if it is detected in the early stages. But people, even experiencing pain, discomfort, stubbornly postpone the visit to the doctor. And then, when it is often impossible to do anything, in response to the puzzled question “Well, why didn’t they turn right back!” They throw up their hands, almost crying: “They hoped that they would beat and pass.” Out of habit, he puts a validol pill under his tongue, temporary relief comes.

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