• Why not upload photos?

    Lidia Karayants
    Lidia Karayants
    January 18, 2013
    Why not upload photos?

    Working on the Internet, we often upload images from our computer to websites. These can be avatars on the forums or photos for the social network. Images are an important part of our online activity. And if there are problems with their loading, then this can not but upset. There are several objective reasons why your computer cannot upload photos to the Internet.

    Problems in the browser settings

    If you cannot upload images, it may indicate that the Java script is disabled in the browser. If you are wondering: Why do not upload photos to the site Vkontakte? So you should check your browser and enable Java-Script if necessary. To do this, you will need to go to "Settings", select the "Tools" menu. Next, you should go to the "Content" section and check the box next to "Use Java-Script" if it is absent. After clicking the "OK" button everything should function.

    The next common reason why an attempt to upload a photo may fail is to use plugins. In order to eliminate this cause, it is enough to configure the plugin, turn off the browser, and try to upload photos again.

    Another reason on VKontakte or Odnoklassniki sites, why photos are not uploaded - these are cache files from which the browser must be periodically cleaned. This feature exists in all Internet browsers.

    If you use Opera, you should go to the settings, then, through the "Advanced" menu, go to the "History" line and click the "Clear" button. In the settings of the Mozilla Firefox program, find the "Privacy" menu and in the "Personal data" section, select the "Clear Now" button. As for the Internet Explorer browser, in order to clear the cache, in the “Tools” menu, find the “Temporary Internet Files” tab and delete them using the corresponding button.

    Impact of other programs

    Sometimes the included "Firewall" can interfere with the process of uploading photos. To fix this problem, go to the settings, then go to the "Network Connections" item, find the "Advanced" tab and click "Disable" accordingly.

    Often the reason why VKontakte does not load a photo is the size of the file you are trying to upload. In many social networks there is a limit on the size of downloadable files. For example, on the site Vkontakte.ru you will not be able to upload an image larger than 5 megabytes. In addition, there is a clear list of extensions in which images should be presented. And if your photo has an inappropriate extension, you may have problems loading it.

    Too weak internet connection is a very frequent reason for the inability to upload photos to the site when the browser waits too long for a response from the site. Check for any connection errors, especially if you are connected to the Internet through a proxy.

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