• Why not sit?

    Surely, every pregnant woman was faced with a warning that in her position it is forbidden to sit in a pose with legs to legs. Is it justified from a medical point of view, or is it a stupid sign that has come to us since the days of the youth of superstitious grandmothers? In this article we will explain why pregnant women can not sit with their legs crossed.

    Truth and fiction

    So, pregnant women are actually not recommended to sit with their legs crossed, but not every woman knows about the real reasons for such a “contraindication”. Many of them have probably heard that such a pose can lead to the development of clubfoot in a child or to the curvature of the legs. Naturally, there can be no scientific evidence for such assumptions, since it is impossible to find any relationship between such a pathology and the posture of the future mother.

    At the same time, it should be noted that such warnings also have a logical explanation, in connection with which one should heed them.When standing leg to leg, the veins of the lower extremities of the woman are compressed, which can trigger the development of varicose veins. Special care is required for expectant mothers who are predisposed to this pathology. This disease leads to stagnation of blood in the limbs and, consequently, to edema. Varicose veins, in turn, can also cause blood clots, which pose a serious danger to women in the position.

    Against this background, blood circulation in the pelvis often worsens, which certainly affects the development of the fetus. Increases the likelihood of intrauterine hypoxia. This phenomenon in the early stages of pregnancy is often fraught with developmental abnormalities, and in the later stages it can cause premature birth.

    Why still can not sit, legs crossed, pregnant? Because crossing the legs is also bad for the spine. During pregnancy, the center of gravity shifts, which provokes increased stress on the spinal muscles. Thus, osteochondrosis pains may also increase.

    Important recommendations

    If you are already seeing the first symptoms of varicose veins, you should immediately start stimulating blood circulation in the lower extremities.It is recommended during the day to often raise the legs in the prone position, placing pillows under it. This exercise contributes to the outflow of blood from the legs, and, consequently, reduces the risk of swelling and blood clots.

    In addition, pregnant women should avoid other postures. These include, first of all, “Turkish” posture, squatting posture, bending legs under themselves and arching their backs.

    It should also be remembered that even sitting in a safe posture should not be long. It is recommended to get up and do light exercises every hour. It is very useful to knead the toes, squeezing and unclenching them. You can also perform circular movements with your feet. It is also necessary to know that the posture that causes discomfort in the future baby, as a rule, provokes heightened activity on his part. Therefore, if the child is uncomfortable, he will surely let you know about it.

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