• Why knees crunch?

    Anastasia Rakhmatova
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    Why knees crunch?

    Health - perhaps the most important thing in life. But often our well-being is lame. At first, the disease may not be accompanied by painful sensations, but ultimately it leads to them.

    Why knees crunch? Doctors have more than one answer to this question. The most common is arthrosis. Osteoarthritis involves the wear of cartilage tissue, which is located between the bones. As a result, friction occurs between the bone tissues. Primary arthrosis occurs as a result of congenital anatomical defects of the skeleton. Secondary arthrosis - for injuries or infectious diseases.

    Other diagnoses are not as significant, but are just as important as they can lead to arthrosis.

    1. Fullness is a huge strain on the knee joints, which can be the cause of the crunch. It is worth thinking about your weight.
    2. The severity does not always lead to bad consequences, but still you should not lift a weight heavier than 3-5 kg. This may result in injury to the cartilage tissue.
    3. Low physical activity contributes to impaired blood circulation, cartilage structure and leads to a weakening of the muscles. Exercise sports and physical education, but do not overdo it.

    It is worth paying attention to the skin around the knees. If it is rough and dry, then this is the result of salt deposits and a lack of vitamins. So, you need to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible, because the joints require minerals and vitamins.

    The reasons for the crunch and unpleasant creaking in the knees are many. But all this is only the first bell to a serious illness. It is worth listening to him, and not to be ignored. Should abandon the initiative and consult a doctor. The specialist will examine you and prescribe the correct treatment, which will help to cure the disease and save you from possible complications.

    Do not overload your knees, take care of them like the apple of an eye. After all, the restoration of the knee joints takes a very long time, and often does not respond to treatment.

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