• Why it is not necessary to delete the former from your life

    However, in a recent interview, Cindy called Gear a “stranger”.
    Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere

    Why did this happen? After all, they parted peacefully, without scandals and bases. Nothing spoiled each other. What prevents people who have not developed a love relationship, to remain relatives?

    Those who know us as flaky, not so much. As a rule, these are those with whom we once lived or live: parents, siblings, flatmates in college years, wives and husbands.

    In the presence of these people, you can relax: do not be shy, something to be applauded, or, conversely, something politically incorrect about something, but to laugh heartily.

    These people saw us in different situations: on horseback and in the ass, healthy and sick, generous and envious, and even suffering from diarrhea. And by this they are valuable. How can you easily give up on them? And most importantly - why ?!

    Suppose you stopped having sex. It happens. But what's the point of ceasing to be at the same time close people: not to call up, not to meet, not to participate in each other's life?

    Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber

    I know two couples. At first, Anya was married to Vitalik, but then Oleg, Vitalik's friend, fell in love with Anya, and Anya fell in love with him. Acne was abandoned. Yes, I suffered for a while, but then I fell in love with the Light. Forgiven his ex-wife. Forgive the friend who stole it. Now, 30 years later, they meet the New Year together, celebrate their birthdays together, are friends. And their children are also friends. Grandchildren already have. In this case, I personally do not understand: who to whom is the grandson, who is the granddaughter to whom. In this large family, grandchildren are common, and, in my opinion, this situation is absolutely normal.

    It is abnormal to sleep under one blanket for years, and then suddenly become strangers to each other.

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