• Why is the dog licking?

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    April 2, 2013
    Why is the dog licking?

    Dogs can do a lot: give a paw, bark, bite, run, and so on. Also dogs are able and usually love to lick people. Most often, a dog licks the legs, arms, face of a person. Why does a dog lick these particular parts of the body?

    The answer is very simple. The fact is that the hands and feet of a person emit a lot of sweat, respectively, in these places a large concentration of your smell. Thus, the dog recognizes you by this smell and expresses his respect for you. Often a dog licks a man when he smells something pleasant for her. A dog licks the face of a person to show its feelings, such as love, devotion, to show how it misses you. Why do dogs lick exactly these parts of the body? Just because they are often open to clothes.

    Some dogs ask something from the owner in this way, for example, to play with her to stroke. Some dogs just greet the owner. There are those who are distinguished by a special intelligence and ingenuity, so much so that they can wake up the owner in time, licked his face.

    In any case, the dog licks you, not because it wants to eat, but rather so that you smile more often and devote more time to your pet.

    Well, if you notice that the dog is licking some other objects, most likely, they exude different smells of food. For example, if a dog licks a monitor screen, it is unlikely because of the love of the picture on it.

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