• Why is a man screaming?

    Yana Lisitsina
    Yana Lisitsina
    March 29, 2015
    Why is a man screaming?

    Human behavior is in most cases a manifestation of his emotional state, unconscious fears and desires, complexes. And if a person is not able to cope with his inner experiences, then his behavior can easily become not particularly pleasant for others. One of the negative manifestations of the psychological state is the cry.

    Why a man shouts: the main reasons

    • To shouting, rudeness in conversation, a dispute is resorted to by one who cannot convey his thought, to prove his case by other means. This is often characteristic of people who are not too smart, as well as those who, in the depths of their hearts, admit that they are wrong, but still strive to get what they want in any way.
    • To show “who is the boss in the house,” that is, to achieve recognition of his authority and authority.
    • They shout in order to put their anger, bitterness, resentment, envy and other negative emotions on others. That is, to make another feel bad, as if to avenge him for his own misfortune (even if the person is not at fault in this).
    • Often, those who are used to this kind of communication raise their voices and are rude. Perhaps, they talked in their family. And perhaps, a person in childhood was given little attention, and he was accustomed to attract him to himself through shouting, daring antics, rudeness.

    As you can see, regardless of the reason for the cry, we are dealing with a person who clearly has something wrong in life. Understanding this, you may be easier to endure this kind of rudeness, do not take it as a personal insult. After all, the cry is nothing more than a manifestation of the internal discomfort of a person.

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