• Why in 50 years women write to old women

    The official was indignant at the fact that in the USA they really take to flight attendants at that age, and from himself he added that "not all passengers enjoy looking at old women serving coffee." In response, he, naturally, was told who the old ladies were, and Zelnikov had to quickly justify himself, that he was "misunderstood." Which, however, does not change the whole surrealistic situation with ombudsmen in our country: that Zelnikov with 50-year-old "old women", that everyone knows Pavel Astakhov with 27-year-old "wrinkled" - they are like curved mirrors in fairy tales that reflect what in fact, society (and, unfortunately, including ourselves, women) thinks about the age of women and its harsh standards.

    So, this woman’s age in our country seems to have only two phases - a nymphet and an old woman. Remember your first job at 21: you, all so light and open to everything new, are inundated with training tasks and dutifully parade for a more experienced employee, because your main goal is to study and study again.No one seriously takes you seriously, and even the money reward is sometimes forgotten to pay, but at each jamb they remind you that you are still a very young, trembling, unorganized person and in general you still "are ahead." At such times, I want to believe that youth is really a flaw that passes quickly ... but in our country it passes somehow too sharply.

    Why in 50 years women write to old women

    At 25, you will already be asked if you are going to get married, 29 - to convince you that you are not joking with reproductive organs and that you can hurry with children. Wait, and now prepare only to measure the fourth ten, as "hints of old age" will not keep you waiting. "In my opinion, this skirt is too short for you", "You are not 16 years old to meet with people of art and other loafers", "Find a hobby for yourself, and videos are for schoolchildren", "I would be in yours age has not eaten so much after 18-00, is harmful for the figure. ” Or this is the standard one: "Look at yourself, where you are ..." From the costume of a nymphet, from which everyone is touched (and yet, in addition, sometimes they also solicit), you are suddenly dressed in the costume of Lyudmila Prokofievna from the "Service Novel ", And then assessed as a single mating" illiquid. ""Wrinkled" or with a shiny forehead from Botox - does not even matter.

    So take and pull in the direction of an adult woman a card with the inscription "Granny" for us as if nothing is worth it, everyone has become accustomed. You open the news about the continuation of the film “Sex and the City”, and there commentators are already drawing a storyline about menopause, grandchildren and plastic surgery. Madonna jumping at a concert as a 15-year-old girl in fishnet tights or gets herself a new boyfriend? The verdict of the people: "Well, it is the grandmother who is hanging over!" But where is she, her neck is already wrinkled, it's time for her to sit down somewhere in Italy and take up garden-garden. The unspoken follower of Astakhov, the ombudsman Zelnikov, did not just express his opinion and miscultly missed, and once again reminded us why women in general are needed here in Russia - to delight the male gaze, captivate and seduce. A woman, like the same coffee that the flight attendant hypothetically brings to Zelnikova on an airplane, is a product that he, as a client, wants to see fresh and tasty. A cheap variety does not fit, too cold coffee does not roll, just like a mature woman, experienced and with wrinkles, too.

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    Our Russian men are so spoiled that the whole world wants to see around them as a revived erotic magazine: busty pupae flutter around you with trays and flyers, and you sit all so bald, full with glasses and crawling on your nose and feel like the king of the world and the top human existence. And the most unpleasant thing is that the fact that the humiliating age commentary comes from the ombudsman confirms once again: only one category of society - men - has rights in our country. And women in their spare time lose weight, do massage wraps, prick all the newfangled novelties in the face and dream of not hearing the insidious and punitive "Well, you look at your age, to be honest."

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