• Why dream of a sister?

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    Why dream of a sister?

    What we see in a dream is directly related to reality, and therefore the most vivid and memorable dreams must be interpreted. For example, why dream of a sister?

    • In the noble dream book of N. Grishina it is said that seeing a sister in a dream does not bode well. Such a dream indicates irritation and anger, and provoked by your own actions. If in a dream you put your sister in a trough or basin, then some scandalous coming awaits her, you may have to marry her with a scandal.
    • Paradoxically, but if you dream of death or the departure of a brother or sister, but nothing bad will happen, on the contrary, such a dream foreshadows happiness. And the fact that they are sick in your sleep can indicate to you the diseases of the arms and legs in old age.
    • However, an old French dream book says that a dream in which you see your sister warns you about the real threat that someone close to you can betray you.
    • In the dream book Hösse, a conversation with your sister in a dream indicates that your relationship will develop well and you will be very friendly.

    What dreams pregnant sister

    Pregnancy always indicates profit, family replenishment, as well as wealth and material well-being. A sister's pregnancy may say that she plans to have a baby, but so far she does not want to talk to anyone about this. Perhaps, she is waiting for a cash reward or promotion on the career ladder. In any case, such a dream is definitely for the better.

    Have a nice sleep!

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