• Why dream of tea?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    February 24, 2015
    Why dream of tea?

    Dreams about tea are treated very inconsistently. There are many features on which the interpretation of what tea is about depends. In general, tea is a universally recognized symbol of home and home comfort. Also in many dream books, to dream tea for surprise.

    How to interpret a dream in which you make tea? This seemingly cozy dream foreshadows that soon you will commit an unseemly act and greatly regret it. Another interpretation: to brew tea - to lack of money, lack of products, difficult material period. Tea sludge at the bottom of his mug symbolizes the failure in love affairs, strong frustration and resentment.

    If in a dream you really want to drink tea, then soon guests will suddenly come to you. And drinking tea with friends means that soon you will want changes in your life, perhaps even adventures, and friends will help you with this. To treat someone to tea is an alarming sign: you will soon meet a person who will let you down a lot.

    According to the erotic dream book, drinking tea alone is a sign that you want to change your sexual partner, but you do not admit to yourself.

    To pour tea in a dream foreshadows that in the near future you will have family chores and minor, but annoying troubles.

    If you find that tea has unexpectedly ended, you should be wary. Someone whom you trust, behind your back, dismisses unseemly rumors about you that harm your career and family.

    If you are drinking medicinal tea in your dream, you will soon get sick with a frivolous but tedious disease. Participation in the tea ceremony is treated as a new bright and unexpected experience in the sexual sphere or in the sphere of leisure. Perhaps you have a trip.

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