• Why dream of champagne?

    Andrey Kim
    Andrey Kim
    December 19, 2014
    Why dream of champagne?

    Many believe that we see dreams not by chance, that every dream has a meaning and, if interpreted correctly, you can predict your fate. In this article we will tell you why champagne is dreaming.

    The main thing is the context!

    Champagne can promise and joyful events, and wealth, and failure, and problems. How so, ask? Just a specific value is determined by the context of sleep, and therefore when deciphering it is very important to remember all the details of the dream.

    Open bottle

    If you dreamed of an open bottle of champagne, this indicates that a large amount of money will be received soon, and income will come from an unexpected place. Perhaps you have a chance to win the lottery, so you can try your luck and buy a ticket.

    Drinking champagne

    But to drink with someone champagne in a dream - to a quarrel. It is likely that a quarrel will take place with a person with whom you drank a drink, and therefore you can try in advance to avoid sharp corners in communicating with him. If you drink champagne with a stranger, most likely, problems are waiting for you, on the contrary, in dealing with the closest - be careful.

    Open champagne

    If you open champagne in a dream, you probably have a pleasant entertainment in the company of friends, but if after the discovery you start drinking champagne with friends, there is a possibility that the fun will not end with anything good.

    Pour champagne

    If you doused with champagne or doused you - it means that you will be dissatisfied with the actions of other people, but this dissatisfaction can turn into a real quarrel. So, be careful, complain less and gossip.

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