• Why dream of a train?

    Angelica Artemyeva
    Angelica Artemyeva
    August 2, 2012
    Why dream of a train?

    Did you dream of a train? Feel free to start packing your bags, you will have a quick trip. If you get on a train that moves very slowly, because there are simply no rails under it - be careful. Such a dream will bring with it great trouble and a lot of excitement. However, it is necessary to bother for their personal wealth and continued success.

    What dreams of a train crashed? If you see such a dream, then be prepared for the fact that the strip of luck may suddenly interrupt.

    A freight train dreams of a change in marital status or in a professional field. Do not expect any trick. These changes will bring with them only joy and positive emotions.

    If in a dream you see yourself sleeping on the top shelf in a train car, this is a reason to be wary. Most likely, you will have to go with an unpleasant companion. There is a possibility that you will spend your savings, which were put off for so long, in vain.

    If you dreamed of a fast train - be prepared for the fact that your secret dream in the near future will become a reality.A large number of fellow travelers testifies that in amorous affairs everything will get better, a love adventure will not be long in coming.

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