• What is the dream of the market?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    February 18, 2015
    What is the dream of the market?

    Not a single dream can be interpreted unequivocally in isolation from your actions and sensations in this dream. Therefore, to see the market in a dream can be both a good and disturbing sign.

    Why dream of a market with vegetables? If the vegetables are fresh, then you will find luck in your career, new opportunities. Rotten, spoiled products promise frustration and encounters with unpleasant people.

    Walking around the market, choosing a purchase, is interpreted as the need to save, but at the same time be active in different areas of activity. An empty, dirty, messy market speaks of your inner anxiety and accumulated fatigue.

    If you bought something in the market, then perhaps you will have imprudent and large cash spending. It is worth being careful when investing money in questionable enterprises. For a girl to buy fish in the market in a dream - to a possible pregnancy in reality.

    If you were a seller in the market, then soon your financial situation will improve significantly, a salary increase is possible.

    Seeing the market with things - to soon bright and diverse events, which, although they will tire you out, will bring much joy and broaden your horizons. A woman who dreams of a clothing market will soon receive additional career opportunities, while a man, on the contrary, will face high costs.

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