• Why dream of a jacket?

    Tamara Sidorova
    Tamara Sidorova
    March 15, 2013
    Why dream of a jacket?

    Some people have bright and interesting dreams, some are black and white, some do not remember at all whether they dreamed of something or not. But many are interested in the value of dreams. Some even keep a notebook and pen near the bed, so that until they forget, write down what they see. Yes, interpret dreams is an interesting thing. Here it is necessary to attach importance to detail. For example, why dream of a jacket?

    And she dreams to change mood. But that is not all. It is very important what blouse you had a dream about, color, style and other details. Let's take a closer look at this.

    • Wearing a new blouse in a dream is good, which means good changes are waiting for you, good luck will come. If this garment has an old-fashioned look, you will commit a rash act that will anger others.
    • Putting on a jacket on yourself will have to deal with a person who is extremely unpleasant to you. If the blouse is wearing a collar, it means that in reality you will do something extraordinary than plunge others into shock.
    • If you dreamed that you bought (you were given) a very beautiful and good jacket, it means that your innermost desire will come true. A warm sweater can foreshadow a quick marriage. An old, torn and dirty blouse, of course, cannot bode well for anything, wait for failures at work.
    • Why dream of a white jacket? This may be a precursor of a close disease. But not necessarily. Sometimes white color symbolizes good luck and success. And why dream of a red jacket? Of course, to luck.

    If you do not like the interpretation of a particular moment, do not be discouraged. Even our ancestors spoke, the interpretation of dreams is an individual matter. Just be careful and remember what this or that thing is for you.

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