• Why dream bathing?

    February 18, 2015
    Why dream bathing?

    Many people believe that the images that have been seen in dreams symbolize one or another phenomenon of our life and can even predict the future. But how to learn to understand these images and visions? For these purposes, dream books were created from ancient times - books of dream interpretation.

    Based on these dream books, we will look at why bathing dreams.

    Bathe in a dream: interpretation

    Most dream books offer a dream treatment in which you bathe, depending on what the water was:

    • If you dreamed that you are swimming in clear, clear, blue water, such a dream is for joy and happiness, success in all matters, love victories and pleasure.
    • Bathing in muddy and dirty water foreshadows, on the contrary, a variety of efforts, sorrows and troubles, sadness or illness.
    • Swim in the calm water - to success.
    • If you feel that the water was warm, it is to the benefits, and if it was cold, to good health.

    It is also worth remembering all the other details of sleep.

    • If you bathed in the river - to force. In the bathroom - to the disappointment.
    • Bathe in clothes - to inheritance.
    • If a woman dreamed that she was bathing with her friend, this dream means that she will be appreciated, which will cause envy.
    • In a dream, bathe the child - for forgiveness.
    • To dream of bathing the opposite sex is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction.

    Some dream books (for example, the Esoteric Dream Book) indicate that bathing in a dream symbolizes spiritual cleansing. If you dive to the bottom, it speaks of your desire for self-knowledge.

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