• Why do you need a website?

    I think it’s not necessary to explain that in our age of information technologies, first of all, the convenience of finding information and an intelligible explanation of incomprehensible things that a person would like to know about is appreciated. Remember how you tried to find answers to various questions on the Internet. We all want to find the answer to the question we are interested in, find the goods and services we need, or just get to the information that we need now - these can be movies, music, games, etc. As a matter of fact, we have already given an answer to the question of why a website is necessary for a person. But this is a response from the user. Users search websites for various information about products, services, with the aim of obtaining some kind of knowledge or just for fun. Now we will look at this question from the other side - from the developer.

    So why do you need a website developer? Creators of sites have various reasons for their pages to be presented on the Internet. The main reasons are the advertising of goods and / or services. It is unlikely that today you will find a company (at least in large cities) that does not have its own website on the Internet.E-commerce and online advertising are gaining momentum with each passing year because it is extremely profitable compared to conventional methods of trading and advertising.

    A website is an optimal solution for advertising and selling your products. But you can ask this question: what about those sites that do not advertise anything, but simply provide users with the necessary information? In fact, the overwhelming majority of the owners of these sites also make good money. How? It's very simple: if a resource is popular, there will be many who want to place their ads on it and, by the way, for good money. In order to make the site yourself, you need to be clear about the purpose for which you are writing it. This is very important, since both its structure and its content will depend on it. There are several important rules that are recommended to follow everyone who has conceived to create their own page on the Internet.

    The first rule: the content of the site should strictly comply with the stated in the headers and descriptions of topics. This is done primarily for the convenience of users and for their own well-being.Think if you read this article titled "Why you need a website ..." and it would describe, say, the removal of warts, what opinion would you have about the author of the article and about the owners of the website where this article is located? Therefore, it is beneficial to be honest and decent, and profitable, especially for the site owner.

    Rule two: each site should be devoted to any one topic. If you want to talk about many things, start a blog on a special site or make several sites. Remember that a site dedicated to many things is not dedicated to anything, as visitors will come to your page for strictly specific information. If you really want to talk about different things, then at least the site should have a clear structure and easy navigation, so that people find it more convenient to find topics of interest to them. But it is still better when the information presented on the site is dedicated to a single topic or at least related. For example, algebra and geometry, or trucks and cars, or computer games and special components for games.

    Rule three: the site should have an attractive appearance, and it should be convenient to use.This means that you do not need to overload the site with graphics and animation, design in poorly-matched colors and use elements difficult for visual perception (bright, eye-catching colors, small fonts that are difficult to see, etc.). And users are annoyed when the site needs to wander for a long time to find the information of interest. Site navigation should be as simple and convenient as possible. See how other sites work. Take what you like into service and do not repeat what you did not like. And most importantly - remember that you make the site not only for yourself, but also for other people!

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