• Why do tomatoes crack?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    January 30, 2013
    Why do tomatoes crack?

    Tomatoes are popular vegetables, they are grown by all owners who have garden plots. Own crop of these vegetables will decorate any holiday table. However, many tomatoes look unpresentable because of cracks in the skin.

    Causes of cracking

    First of all, you need to figure out why tomatoes are cracking. The cause of cracking is a change in moisture in the soil. Especially often this can be observed in greenhouses. In them, the soil heats up quickly and then dries in the sun. If, after drying, watering the plants abundantly, then large quantities of water will flow into the fruit. The peel does not stand up and bursts. On the open ground, crackling of the peel occurs after long rains.

    In order not to get upset because of the unpresentable fruits and not to constantly break your head over why tomatoes are cracking in the bushes, it is necessary to apply the following preventive measures.


    In greenhouses, use moisture-absorbing primer.In summer, when the onset of hot weather, it is necessary to cover the glass of the greenhouse outside with lime milk. Do not allow the soil to dry out in the open field and in greenhouses. If this happens, it is necessary to water the plants moderately with short breaks, but more often.

    At the end of July, it is necessary to reduce the number of irrigations, as the plants have a developed root system and are able to extract moisture and nutrition themselves. Watering should be once a week. In the heat it is necessary to leave the greenhouses open at night.

    To prevent cracks in tomatoes, it is necessary to maintain a constant air humidity in the greenhouse (65-75%) by regular watering of the plants.

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