• Why do people go to Tibet?

    Such a mysterious place, like Tibet, has always been shrouded in an aura of mysteries and unexploredness, thousands of tourists from all over the world dream to get into it, with their own eyes to see what they talk about so much.

    In many ways, the mystery of Tibet is related to the fact that for a long time it remained completely closed to foreigners, and only about thirty years ago the rules changed: having received a special permit, you can officially enter the territory of sacred places.

    The proud highland Tibet is formally part of China, formally, it is its autonomous region, however, the Tibetans themselves and the government, which is today in exile, argue the opposite.

    In their opinion, Tibet is independent, for 2000 years, a country that only short intervals of its time came under the influence of other states. But let's leave the policy - not for the sake of this, the travelers go there. And for what? What might surprise a trip to Tibet?

    Perhaps for the sake of extraordinary nature? After all, this country is located on a sparsely populated and extensive plateau, which is surrounded on all sides by majestic mountains, the bulk of which are the highest and most extraordinary. On the south side is the Himalayas - a place that you do not need to tell even to a schoolboy.

    In addition, it is here that four rivers originate, which are called the largest in the whole world! The spaces between the mountains are covered with dense and almost untouched by man forests, amazing lakes, among which the famous Nam-Tso is the most high-altitude salt lake, whose waters have an amazing ability to change their color and shade each time.

    Or maybe they go here for the capital Lhasa - a city that has managed to sit so high on our planet that only clouds are above it! There really is something to see the tourist, however, you need to immediately make a reservation: the climate in Tibet is really harsh.

    Due to the fact that it is located at an altitude of about 3,600 meters above sea level, atmospheric pressure is lowered - it is more difficult to breathe, headaches and dizziness can occur. To know all the beauty and flavor of the capital.It is necessary to settle in its Tibetan part (there is even more new, Chinese), where life flows in a special way.

    And, of course, they go to Tibet for the sake of culture and religion, which the local sages preach. Buddhism is one of the most ancient and widespread religions of the world, there is an opinion that only here you can see it in a completely different, sublime light.

    Many go to Tibet for the sake of self-development, a reassessment of values, and even, perhaps, in order to remain in this religion forever. For Tibetans, Buddhism is a whole world, a faith that affects every side of their lives, which, by the way, is very difficult and harsh in a harsh climate and political problems.

    How to get there?

    Since the country has long been closed to the public, direct flights from major cities and capitals of other countries are not organized here. The simplest option is a flight from a major city in China, although it is not recommended for people with poor health - sudden changes in altitude can adversely affect their well-being.

    You can ride on the highest railway in the world, Tibet-Qinghai. This journey will take about 16 hours, the window trip opens stunning views of the local nature.

    Where to stay?

    Due to the fact that the Chinese government is actively developing the tourism sector, recently an impressive number of different campgrounds, hostels, hotels and hotels have opened in Tibet for a different tourist wallet.

    From the variety of choices you need to stop where it is most convenient for you to get to places that you would like to see: this is why some people prefer to settle closer to the mountain ranges in order to later go to conquer their peaks and monasteries. If you decide to enjoy the sights of the capital, here you can always choose the right hotel or hotel.

    What to see?

    Although Tibet is a very small country, the eyes of the local attractions just run away, because there are so many places that I would like to visit and see with my own eyes. By the way, some of them are high in the mountains - hard to reach, but so unique!

    If you do not have the opportunity to enjoy the local beauty for a month or even more, then you need to highlight the main points that every traveler who has come here to visit is simply obliged!

    Lhasa.As we have said, this city is the capital of the entire region, the Land of the Gods, which means its name. The most recognizable landmark is the Potala Palace, which appeared in the VII century and for a long time was the main residence of the Dalai Lama. The palace has a very peculiar architecture, 13 floors and its total height is 115 m!

    But the main splendor is not at all the delightful appearance of the palace, but its inner wealth and decoration. Each room of the palace is decorated uniquely and luxuriously, inside there are a lot of jewels, gold and works of art that are monitored. By the way, inside it is forbidden to take photos - so all the beauty will have to capture only in my memory.

    The famous Jokhang temple is even more ancient than the Palace, thousands of pilgrims visit it every year, and hundreds of Tibetans kneel around it every day. The Jokhang, together with the Ramoje monastery, make up the oldest part of the city. It is by their architecture that one can judge how Tibet looked like before it was built on modern buildings.

    Drepung Monastery is another place to visit.Once it was the largest Buddhist monastery, in which at the same time lived about ten thousand monks! It also houses the Ganden Palace, which was the residence of the first four Dalai Lamas. Monasteries and temples - this is the main feature of Tibet, no trip to this region passes without visiting these magnificent places.

    Do not forget to visit Norbulingke, another beautiful place that is great for meditation, self-discovery and leisurely walks. This is a park complex on the territory of which there are summer palaces of the Dalai Lama, as well as a lake and a zoo.

    Another famous landmark is the sacred mountain Kailas, which is located in one of the most inaccessible areas of western Tibet. Buddhists believe that at its summit (6,700 m), which, by the way, has not yet been conquered by climbers, is inhabited by one of the reincarnations of the Buddha.

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