• Why do people fear loneliness

    Avoiding problems

    Some people see loneliness as a potential danger because they are afraid of being left alone with their own thoughts. They do not want to think about any problems or dive into self-contemplation or face unresolved issues. In this case, society is an escape from its own stream of consciousness.
    If you are oppressed by some unpleasant thoughts, you are worried about the future, or, on the contrary, you are worried about the past, you may feel that you have no company. Of course, the best way out is to work on yourself, but as long as you prefer to hush up problems, friends, relatives and colleagues will be an outlet for you.In this case, caring does not require discussion, and friends and family are needed to rejoice in the communication on other, more pleasant topics.

    Low self-esteem

    If a person cannot be alone at all, perhaps this is a consequence of his low self-esteem. Such insecure people constantly need recognition and approval.Therefore, they can hardly stand loneliness.Sometimes, because of a lack of self-love, a person transfers his admiration and respect for someone else and becomes dependent on his society.
    This type of people needs confirmation of its importance and necessity. In difficult situations, they cannot decide what to do without someone's advice. It happens that they start a relationship only in order to prove to themselves or to themselves that they are attractive and worthy of sympathy, but real feelings are out of the question.


    Non-self-sufficient people can simply be bored without company. If a person has no interests, hobbies and affairs, conversations with other people can be one of his main attractions. When a person does not develop as a personality and professional, does not pay attention to his own talents, he will be bored with himself.
    In addition, there are individuals who receive energy from communication. After talking with such "vampires", people around you feel a certain loss of strength and spirit. But those who �fed� at the expense of the interlocutor, feel great. Tonus and drive, good mood provided for some time, and then again there is a need to exchange energy.


    Some people can not be alone when they feel bad. And there are many such individuals.So it is arranged that a person is born already a member of society. And if in joy he somehow can do without a close person nearby, albeit with difficulty, then in moments of sorrow without the support of another, the individual suffers greatly.
    During periods of real grief, a person may try to isolate himself from society, reduce contact with others to zero. This is natural, but not constructive for those who are experiencing a life tragedy.

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