• Why do I need a guy?

    Many girls ask the question "why do I need a boyfriend?" and this is understandable, because if you look around you have a couple in love sitting on each bench and everything seems to be very beautiful and romantic from the outside, but many people ask questions about whether this is necessary. Many people ask themselves why all this is needed, all these preludes and frequent quarrels, as well as why depend on someone, if you can make friends with the guys and so well and have nothing to think about. And so, why do you need a boyfriend?

    Why does everyone have

    Do not be shy or somehow afraid of the fact that your girlfriends have beautiful, smart and attractive guys, while you are just in search of this. A young man is always exciting and interesting. But whether such a feeling will be associated with good or bad will depend only on your choice! That is why you shouldn�t agree to meet with every guy you liked when meeting or he just saw your photo in the social network. I can advise, to communicate with the candidate for at least a couple of months, in order to understand whether this person is suitable for you or not, whether you can continue to communicate like that.

    After you have already �officially� started dating, it can happen that you simply have nothing to do together. You will not have common hobbies, hobbies, and just nothing to talk about. There are a lot of cases when a boy and a girl start to meet properly without recognizing each other, but at that time they don�t even go out for a walk, and then everything is slowly forgotten and the relationship ends.

    Why do you need a guy

    Each girl has his own idea of a "prince on a white horse". Many perceive their young man as an ordinary toy and meet with him if only so that he is, and many believe that the guy is something more. Usually, guys serve as a support for their girls. There is always a certain connection between young people: you want to constantly communicate (there are frequent hours-long conversations on the phone or as it is now fashionable, via Skype), sending thousands of SMS per day and daily walks. In general, if you have a boyfriend, then you know exactly what you will do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and next week.

    Why do guys have sex

    Sex is a necessary part of adulthood, especially in men. In some boys, puberty begins at the age of 12, and at such a small age they begin to thoroughly study their classmates and ordinary girls on the street.This behavior can be justified by hormones, which begin to be produced in a young body in large quantities. At an already older age, when the boy already knows "what, how and why is happening" he begins to realize that perhaps his behavior was not the most correct and begins to be corrected.

    So, why do some guys want sex so much? Because it is invested in them initially. Traction to reproduction. People are one of the few creatures in our land whom nature has rewarded with the fact that during sex people enjoy themselves. Almost all animals are engaged in this mechanically and they are driven only by instincts.

    Why meet a guy

    This question has somehow been answered at the very beginning of the article, but this time let's try to put all the facts together. Let's start with the fact that a guy is usually a loved one with whom you always want to be around, regardless of any circumstances. Truly in love people never betray each other and always together. It is possible that this sounds somehow trite and more like some kind of strange fairy tale, because if you look around, then the circle of divorces and scandals.But perhaps, if you look at your surroundings carefully, you will find the pair that I described in this paragraph. After you look at her carefully, most likely you will no longer have questions about whether you need a guy and what you can do with him.

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