• Why do guys throw girls?

    I think I will not be mistaken, saying that the majority of girls faced such a situation when a guy threw them. Why do guys throw girls? Let's try to deal with this issue, despite the fact that the guys themselves generally do not like to cover this topic.

    Has he got another one?

    Many girls are mistaken when they think that guys throw them because of more beautiful rivals. Appearance of the chosen one for a guy is, of course, important, but not so much that he leaves you only because the other is more attractive. Believe me, beautiful girls have a lot of problems. And they more often than others suffer from loneliness just because they raise the bar too high. The expression on the written beauties is often such that it is simply scary to approach them. These girls are inaccessible, arrogant, inhospitable. Unless from sports interest someone will risk to look after such capricious beauty. And it is not a fact that the result will justify the effort spent. Therefore, the guys believe that it is wiser to care for, if not for such bright, but friendly and open girls.

    So, if the other is not prettier than you, then why is it better, why you, and not she, are wondering why the guys leave me. The answer, oddly enough, on the surface. That, another, most likely, more interesting person, it is pleasant to spend time with her, she does not throw hysterics and does not create problems.

    To be a meaningful person, you need, yes no, you just need to educate yourself, be interested in psychology and even parapsychology, read literature on personal development. In that case, even if your boyfriend will pay attention to other girls, in the end, he will have to admit that you are still better.

    It is not appreciated that is easy to come.

    Guys do not appreciate what they get easily. Available girls are clearly the losers. The guy gets what he wanted and disappears. And he wanted sex. Yes, he told you about the feelings, made compliments. But this is only because without romance he could not reach his goal. It is not excluded that, while seeking his own, he hoped for your greater emancipation and sexual activity, but was disappointed. And therefore he disappeared, deciding that he should not look again, to spend time and money, if in the end he gets the same result.

    You are not more important than anything else.

    Why do guys throw girls? Why disappear from sight? Sometimes simply because they are passionate about their business, sports, hobbies, that they are more interesting to spend time with friends. And if the guy has disappeared, it means that you are not the most relevant for him.

    Other reasons

    Guys do not like when girls load them. Tears, whims, claims, as well as addiction to cigarettes and alcohol, foul language - all this can make them go. Sometimes they are willing to endure for the sake of something. But when, say, there is no sex, or it is bad, and the girl always loads, the guy usually prefers to disappear.

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