• Why delay retirement?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    March 6, 2015
    Why delay retirement?

    Pension accrual is the only income of a non-working pensioner. If the charges are not made on time, then the elderly person sounds the alarm and wants to understand why the pension is delayed.

    There are several reasons for late payment of pensions, which we now consider.

    Reasons for delayed payments

    Among the main options for late payment of pensions are:

    • Lack of funds in the Pension Fund. Sometimes a situation may arise in which there are no funds in the Pension Fund or they are available, but in insufficient amounts.
    • Bank delay. Since pensions are accrued through various banks, you should not forget that you can also hold money in the bank. For example, the Pension Fund transferred funds, but the bank has not received them yet, as it may take several days to complete the transaction.
    • Incorrectly executed documents. If you just retired and filled out all the documents and registered with the Pension Fund, but no payments are received,it is necessary to contact the Pension Fund again, perhaps some documents are not properly executed or you made mistakes when filling out forms.
    • Long clearance. Another reason that may be associated with delayed payments may be a long paperwork between the bank and the Pension Fund. For example, if you filled out the documents after the first day of the month, then you need more time to send the documents to the Pension Fund for registration and back to transfer funds. Only after that the bank will pay you money.

    If you have not received the money on your account in time, then you need to contact the assigned bank or the Pension Fund for an explanation of the situation.

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