• Why is computer buzzing?

    Evgenia Perebasova
    Evgenia Perebasova
    April 28, 2015
    Why is computer buzzing?

    The noise of the computer's system unit is a signal of a malfunction, and it is very important to understand the problem as soon as possible. In this article we will discuss the various reasons why the computer is buzzing.

    Problem with coolers

    The most common reason why a computer hums so much is the noise of the coolers. There are several coolers in the system unit, and they are buzzing mainly due to dust, improper installation or wear.

    CPU cooler

    In order to maintain the required temperature of the processor, the fan may work more or less depending on the duration of the computer. Therefore, periodically the noise from the system unit is amplified - this is the noise of the circulating air. You can solve the problem by cleaning the system unit from dust, replacing the cooler with a better one (for example, with large blades, less noisy), or replacing thermal grease.

    The cooler lubrication algorithm can be found in another article on our site: How to lubricate the cooler. And the article Why the computer rustles will tell how to clean the cooler.

    Video card cooler

    Dealing with a video card fan is more difficult, as it is difficult to access - you will need to disassemble the video card to inspect the cooler. Do not forget that the video card is very fragile, be careful during the inspection and lubrication procedure. And it is best to immediately take the system unit for repair.

    Power supply cooler

    The power supply has a cooler that provides cooling for internal parts. It can become dusty and fail, like other coolers in the system unit. In this case, it is better to replace the power supply with a new one.

    Worn hard drive

    Hum, noise or screech in the computer system unit can be caused by deterioration or poor quality of the hard disk; in this case, it must be changed. With the solution of this problem, you should not delay, because if the hard disk “flies” completely, you will lose all the data stored on your computer. The article How to change the hard disk will help solve the problem.

    Loose components

    In case any parts in the system unit are not properly fixed, noise may occur. It is caused by the friction of loose parts on other parts of the system unit or its body. Use a screwdriver to check that all screws are properly tightened.

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