• Why are the batteries cold?

    March 7, 2015
    Why are the batteries cold?

    Cold batteries are a very unpleasant aspect of life for apartment owners with the onset of autumn weather. After all, at home you want to relax a little, and the low temperature in the room does not contribute to this.

    Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reasons for the lack of heat in radiators.

    Why cold radiator

    Consider a few common reasons:

    • Utilities have not started the heating season. The fact is that the law establishes the norms under which city services include heating of houses connected to the central heating system. Read more about temperature norms and season start time in our article, When heating is turned on.
    • Dirt in the heating system. Check whether the heat pipes that supply the coolant to the radiators in your apartment are warm. Talk with your neighbors below and above, if they have hot batteries in their apartments, then the problem is that they are clogged with dross, rust and other dirt.In such a situation, the radiators must either be flushed under pressure, or replaced with new ones, then the long-awaited heat will come to your home.
    • If the batteries are cold in one stand, that is, there is no heat in the radiators located one above the other, the reason is the occurrence of an airlock at the highest point of the system. In other words, the residents of the upper floor need to open a special tap that is installed only in their apartment and remove the accumulated air from the pipes. As a result of such manipulations, the movement of hot water through the system will be restored and the batteries will quickly heat up.

    Why batteries are cold below

    The situation is more complicated if the heating radiators are unevenly heated. For example, the top of the battery can not be touched, so as not to burn yourself, and the bottom is barely warm or completely cold. It happens in apartment buildings and in two-or three-storey cottages.

    In a private house, the reason most often lies in the wrong heating installation system. Most likely, the diameter of the pipes is selected incorrectly and the pressure of the coolant in the network is insufficient to force through the system. The issue can only be solved with the help of a heating engineer who will make the necessary calculations, and the heating will have to be modernized with the onset of the warm season.

    In apartment buildings, all calculations are usually performed correctly, and problems can arise only if someone from the tenants makes a change to the system in their own apartment. For example, when installing a battery with a temperature sensor, a bypass pipe is necessarily mounted, otherwise the entire riser will remain without heat when neighbors turn off the tap on its radiator. Therefore, walk on the porch or contact house management specialists.

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