• Why do you sweat at night?

    In Russian, there is an expression “wake up in a cold sweat”, which means that a person had a nightmare that forced him to wake up in the middle of the night. In such a situation, people really do get perspiration and heartbeat quickens. However, not only nightmares are the reason why they sweat at night in their sleep. In this article we will try to list the main causes of sweating at night.

    Adverse Sleep Conditions

    Of course, the most obvious reason why you sweat at night when you sleep is the stuffiness in the room. If you do not regularly air your room before going to bed, you can not only increase perspiration, but also develop a headache. Therefore, before going to bed, you should regularly air the room for at least 10-15 minutes.

    Another point worth noting is the choice of bed linen and blankets. Skin in a dream must breathe. Only in this way can your body fully recover. Therefore, when choosing bedding give preference to natural fabrics and materials.In addition, you can not sleep under the same blanket and in winter and summer. On hot days, a normal, healthy person would be enough to use as a blanket a thin blanket or just one duvet cover.

    Especially careful to be with young children. As long as they themselves are not able to care for themselves, you should select the most optimal sleepwear for them. Many parents, who have a question why the child is sweating at night, are simply too “wrapping up” the kids for the night according to the principle of “no pairs of bones”. This approach is wrong.

    However, there are also a number of diseases and other conditions in which an increase in sweating is not associated with external conditions.


    Many women in adulthood are beginning to torment the question of why they sweat more at night than during the day. For the period of menopause, this is normal. Moreover, such sharp temperature jumps can begin both immediately before the onset of menopause, and a few years before it, and their duration can reach several years.


    Very often, fever, heat and sweating accompany the development of any infections in the human body.This explains why severely ill people with flu, sore throat, scarlet fever, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases sweat at night. You should not be afraid of excessive sweating in this case - it will disappear immediately after the root cause is removed. As it is correct, increased sweating at night is accompanied by a sharp decrease in body temperature, which in itself is a good sign. There is no need to fight this - it is enough just to change the patient's clothes into dry clothes and not to allow the occurrence of drafts.


    Some people with cancer also have increased sweating during sleep. Especially often this condition accompanies the development of lymphoma.

    Hormonal disorders

    With some hormonal disorders such unpleasant disorders can occur, such as a sharp decrease or increase in weight, abnormal growth of hair, the appearance of stretch marks on the body, itching and increased sweating during sleep. If at least one of these symptoms manifests, it is necessary to consult a doctor and give blood for analysis of the level of hormones.

    Neuroses and mental disorders

    Nervous system problems are the main reason why the head sweats at night. If you often experience stress, suffer from neurosis or mental disorders, take a sedative before bedtime. However, be careful: for many who took antidepressants, sweating increased even more during their intake.

    There are plenty of other reasons why men and women sweat at night: diabetes, gout, cardiovascular diseases, alcohol and drug abuse, obesity, respiratory distress, Parkinson's disease - this is not a complete list.

    Excessive perspiration at night is usually only a symptom of the disease. Therefore, in the first place, it is always necessary to establish the root cause of such a condition and cure it. Then the level of sweating will decrease by itself.

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