• Why are there many marsupial animals in Australia?

    The fate of marsupials

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    Contrary to popular belief, marsupial animals live not only in Australia. In Peru, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador, rat opossums. In Canada, the United States, Argentina and the Lesser Antilles are American opossums. But these species can be called "remnants of the old luxury" in comparison with the kingdom of marsupials, which could be observed in the Mesozoic period.
    Australia was then connected either by an isthmus or a chain of islands with Southeast Asia, which allowed the marsupial animals to move there.
    But here marsupials appeared competitors in the face of placental animals. Their young were born more mature, they had a better chance of survival, so the marsupial animals lost their evolutionary race, the placentals ousted them on most continents.
    By that time, the outlines of the continents had changed, the “link” between Australia and Asia had disappeared. Australia was isolated, and placental animals did not get there.The absence of competitors allowed marsupial animals to exist and evolve quietly. Australia has become a "reserve" marsupial animals.

    Alternative evolution

    The “experiment”, set by nature itself in Australia, convincingly proves the immutability of the laws of evolution. The Australian "alternative evolution" gave rise to almost the same mammalian species as the placental evolution on other continents: marsupials, marsupials, marsupials, flying squirrels, koala marsupials, a marsupial mole very similar to African goldfish.
    The Australian marsupial evolution, the primate troop, did not produce just one squad. One can only guess what human history would look like if in Australia there emerged an “alternative humanity” - marsupials.

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