• Who would like makeup with green shadows?

    Green shadows are very peculiar, and therefore not suitable for everyone. Will they go to you? And if so, how to use them correctly?

    Who are the green shadows?

    Who would like makeup with green shadows? This color is very specific, so you should be careful with it. For example, it is not recommended to use this shade to highlight the eyes of girls with pale skin, since pallor will seem even more pronounced and painful.

    As for the color of the eyes, especially the green shade is suitable for brown-eyed women, they emphasize this color. You can also shade the considered eyes green eyes. But the gray-eyed and blue-eyed girls, this option is more likely not suitable, because the eyes can fade and get lost on the background of the eyelids, becoming less expressive.

    Regarding the age, the shade can be considered universal, as it is suitable for both young girls and more mature ladies, it is only important to choose the right shade.

    How to choose the right tone?

    There are many shades of green, they include bright emerald green or fresh grass color, and calmer and more restrained olive, marsh and pistachio. And to determine among such diversity, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

    • Eye color. Owners of greens can choose almost any shades of eye shadow: from light and muted to bright and saturated. And to emphasize this part of the face, you can play in contrast, that is, for example, combine light eyes with darker and deeper shadows (and vice versa). Brown-eyed beauties, it is desirable to avoid light shades, they can make your eyes tired, highlight dark circles under them. Beneficially emphasize the beauty of amethyst, marsh, emerald tones. Blue-eyed and gray-eyed girls are recommended to use dark and saturated shades of green, otherwise the eyes just fade.
    • The skin tone. The lighter it is, the brighter the shadows should be. But there is another unspoken rule. So, owners of pale skin should pay attention to the warm shades of shadows, they will refresh the appearance. But girls with peach skin, on the contrary, can choose colder tones.
    • Happening.Makeup should, above all, fit the situation. So, bright will be appropriate at a party, in this case, the shadows can be pearl and shining. Evening make-up involves the use of saturated colors, shine is also acceptable and welcome. But for the everyday image is to choose a more restrained, light and matte tones.
    • Hair color. Brunettes fit cold and rich shades, and blondes - warm and bright.

    Caution: green shadows!

    Although green shadows are used by many popular women and girls, this does not mean that you will look just as perfect. Choosing this option for eye makeup, you should be careful, otherwise the perfect make-up will remain in your dreams.

    And what do you need to fear in the first place? Bruises under the eyes. If they are and are visible and pronounced, then in any case they should be disguised, otherwise they will merge with the green shadows and will begin to seem even more noticeable and extensive.

    How to do makeup with green shadows?

    1. First eliminate all the flaws and even out the tone of the face. Pay special attention to dark circles or bruises under the eyes, you need to get rid of them first.
    2. First, the best make-up artists recommend using light shades as a base.They can be silvery (if you choose a cold green tone), golden (if the shade is warm), white or light green. Apply them, moving from the outer corner of the eye to the inside, and blossom.
    3. Then, above the outer edge of the eye (above the moving eyelid), apply a basic shade. But do not approach the eyebrows, they can be shaded and slightly raised with light shadows. All transitions gently blend with a brush.
    4. Now you can make a neat thin black arrow that will emphasize the eyes and give the image of femininity and romance.
    5. You can emphasize the lower eyelid with a thin band created by light or bright shadows. But such a line should be very thin.


    Finally, some useful tips:

    • Beautiful makeup should be harmonious and low-key. So if you have highlighted the bright green eyes, then the lips should be less flashy. And it is best to use warm tones, for example, such recently popular nude or light brown. But pink or red lipstick just does not fit.
    • With green shadows, blush of warm brown shades will be combined.And use them to be sure that the face does not seem painful and pale.
    • Extremely carefully apply the shadow on the lower eyelid: do not choose pale colors and do not make the line too obvious or wide, otherwise you will get the effect of a tired face.
    • To choose the best option, you can view photos in fashion magazines.

    Make up correctly to be on top and catch rapt eyes.

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