• Who was the first president of Russia?

    Kristina Mamaeva
    Kristina Mamaeva
    July 8, 2014
    Who was the first president of Russia?

    Almost every citizen of our country knows about who was the first president of Russia. After all, his election was a significant historical date. Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin took this post. It was he who won the presidential race, which ended June 12, 1991.

    The path to the presidency was difficult. Boris Nikolaevich was constantly in conflict with the ruling party. At the same time, he himself became the initiator of the introduction of the post of president of the RSFSR, who a little later and won thanks to his unconditional victory in the elections.

    But until the inauguration takes place, the status of the person who won the election is characterized by such a term as: “newly elected and not entered into the powers of the President of the Russian Federation”. The inauguration ceremony should be held on the 30th day after the announcement of the election results. That is why Yeltsin officially became the leader of our country on July 10, 1991.

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