• Who was I in my past life?

    Reflecting on who I was in a past life, it is logical to assume that you believe in reincarnation, that is, the transmigration of the soul after death to some new born organism. This position is based on the belief in the eternity of the human soul, which uses the body as a material shell.

    We learn about past life

    Many people are convinced that knowledge about past life, about their mistakes, about significant moments of past existence will facilitate the present life, will allow to live it more effectively. Such knowledge can help us answer the question - why we live and build our line of fate more intelligently and productively, in accordance with our desires, aspirations, experience and other factors. Others do not believe in reincarnation or the opportunity to find out who I was in a past life, but for the sake of interest, they are still trying to find information about the achievement of this knowledge. Numerology and astrology will allow you to figure out who you were in your past life. Astrologers believe that the stars can tell about the events that occurred with a particular person in his past life.

    1. Enter the day and month of your birth on.
    2. Mysterious tables appear in front of you, they are simplified for a simple man in the street, so they may seem primitive. According to the table, we need to determine the letter of the year of birth. In the column on the left, look for a combination of the first three digits of your year of birth, and in the top line the last digit of the year of birth. (for example, 1988 year of birth, we divide by "198" and "8"). At the resulting intersection you will find the letter of your year of birth.
    3. It is time to find out who I was in a past life: a man or a woman, that is, your gender. The first step is to look in the tablet of "men" for the letter of your year of birth (you got it in stage 2) opposite the month of your birth. If she's not there, look for the same thing in the "women" table. Thus, you will understand your gender in a previous life. At the same stage, you will find out the symbol of your type and orientation of the year of birth, which will be useful later.
    4. When the system has already determined who you were in your past life, it’s time to decide where you were born. In the right column find your character type. And now to the left of it, click on your own birthday in real life. Thus, we gained knowledge not only about our place of birth in a past life, but also about our occupation.

    Next, the system gives you information about who you were in your past life without SMS and completely free. You will learn the characteristics of your past personality, what traits you possessed, the likely profession or a particular area of ​​professional activity, and the year of last birth. Information about past life will contain information about the country in which you lived and the purpose of your current life, depending on previous events.

    Learn about past life: meditation

    If you trust yourself most than magic, astrology or numerology, then you should try the method of meditation. To get the result, you will need a lot of training, and accordingly a waste of time. So, let's proceed to the restoration of memory, to find out who I was in a past life:

    1. Take a comfortable position, learn to relax so as to gradually get rid of all thoughts and emotions. If this is not done, they will interfere with emerging memories, immersion in yourself.
    2. Once you have learned to bring yourself into a state of inner silence, you can begin to recall slowly and in detail today.In memories, you must move from meditation back in time. The most important condition to do it with indifference, eliminating all emotions.
    3. Next, remember in detail from day to day, moving back. As soon as you feel that the days are being recollected badly, start winding back time around the main events, memorable dates, approaching your birth. Your tools are thoughts, not emotions and feelings.
    4. Someone can very quickly recall the moments of early childhood, someone takes months, years of training.

    Good luck!

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