• Who is Viy?

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    Who is Viy?

    In the traditional mythology of the Eastern Slavs, Wii is a killing creature from the underworld. Vija's eyelids and eyelashes are so heavy that he cannot lift them without help (which, apparently, should speak about the character's age). The etymology of the word itself presumably comes from "vii", "wake" - in East Slavic languages ​​it means: "eyelash".

    Folk image

    So who is Vij, what is his origin as a character of folklore? According to some scholars, some of the features of the other pagan god Veles, his darker sides, switched to the image of Wii. Veles was perceived by the Eastern Slavs as an opposition to Perun (the pagan deity of thunder, heaven, and war). Perun lived in heaven. Veles also associated with the underground world, the deceased ancestors (it was not without reason that after the harvest people left a bunch of spikelets to Veles on the beard, in order to appease and gain the favor of the progenitors).

    But Velez is also the wealth in the house, the welfare of the family, he is the patron of livestock. Wii is the embodiment of only negative qualities.By the way, the names of both “Viy” and “Veles” are one-root and stem from the words “hair”, “eyelashes”. And plants in ancient times were popularly called the “hairs of the Earth.” Such are the analogies.

    In fairy tales

    In Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian folk legends, Wii was portrayed as a hairy, wiry old man (some did not mention hair, but branches) whose eyelids (eyebrows or eyelashes) were usually raised with help. In the fairy tale "Ivan Bykovich," for example, it mentions a witch's husband who lives under the ground and to whom the helpers help them raise their eyelashes with iron forks. Images of the iron fork, iron finger, iron face, apparently go back to more ancient times, when this metal was difficult to access and highly valued.

    If the monster managed to lift the eyelids and look at the person, he immediately died. Scientists in this regard allow the relationship of Wii with popular beliefs about the evil eye or the evil eye (bad look, everything deteriorates and begins to die). It is also possible that there is some correspondence between the features of the creature and another character in fairy tales - Koschey the Immortal.

    Gogolevsky Viy

    In his eponymous story, Gogol reveals this image, as the writer says, “the creation of the common folk imagination.” In the work of being a squat, kosolapo.His arms and legs are like intertwined roots. Wii has an iron face and an iron finger, for centuries to the earth. Rather, he does not kill with a glance, but removes any action of amulets against evil spirits. In this regard, we can talk about the literary continuity of this popular image.

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