• What is a merchandiser?

    Igor Gorbatyuk
    Igor Gorbatyuk
    May 22, 2012
    What is a merchandiser?

    Today, every second knows who the merchandiser is. Now you will get acquainted with the duties of a merchandiser, as well as learn the features of such a popular profession. After all, which newspaper with ads is not open, merchandisers are required in various companies. After graduating from various educational institutions, young people are happy to undertake this work.

    Merchandiser Responsibilities

    The duties of the merchandiser include: the correct display of goods on the shelves of stores, in refrigerators, depending on the products promoted, sticking posters and models, branded price tags. The work is not dusty, however, not every store will be delighted by your desire to stick a poster near their front door. That is why a person who works as a merchandiser should be as communicative as possible. Be able to convince and work with objections.

    Attend merchants (shops, supermarkets, stalls, etc.) merchandiser can either independently or with a sales representative.It depends on the decision of the supervisor. By the way, it also happens that the duties of a merchandiser may include the duties of a sales representative. In short, these are all the features of the merchandiser profession. Responsibilities, as you can see, are not the most difficult. However, in practice, one can encounter various kinds of difficulties. Most often, this is a misunderstanding of the authorities of the real situation in retail outlets, as well as the reluctance of sellers to cooperate with the merchandiser.

    Merchandiser Business Day

    Most often, the business day of the merchandiser begins with the morning meeting. Next comes the exit to the area, and visiting outlets, one after another. They can be a different number (from 15 and even up to 40), depending on the company in which you work. The day ends with an evening meeting where the merchandiser can again see the disgruntled faces of the management.

    All those who worked as a merchandiser will tell you that you shouldn’t link your destiny with this profession forever. Nevertheless, you can work for several months as a merchandiser. Or, as an option, you can work in this field and think about what sphere of activity to go to later, and with which to connect your life.

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