• Who does Robert Pattinson meet with?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    February 8, 2013
    Who does Robert Pattinson meet with?

    After the world saw the Twilight film, Robert Pattinson became popular not only in Hollywood, but also among girls. Paparazzi now and then try to reduce it to one partner in the picture, then the other. However, the question of who Robert Pattinson is dating still remains open.

    Who is the real girl Pattison?

    Before the release of “Twilight”, Robert Pattinson’s personal life didn’t worry the press much, and no one really knows who his girlfriend was. But after the premiere, the journalists firmly tied the actor to love relationships with his partner in the film, Kristen Stewart. The actors initially denied everything, but the pictures of the paparazzi, in which they were depicted together, spoke for themselves. Following this, rumors spread that the actors are just good friends, and their whole affair is nothing more than a carefully planned PR action. A couple did not give any comments on this issue, and meanwhile, in the press every now and then there appeared photos of the couple, which demonstrated their sincere affection for each other.

    In 2012, photos of Kristen were flown around the world, kissing a 41-year-old director Rupert Sanders. And then there was the very recognition of the actress in her infidelity to Robert. The couple broke up, but not for long, the last time they were seen on November 27, 2012 at New York's Kennedy Airport. And before the premiere of the last part of the twilight saga, rumors appeared in the press that Kristen was expecting a child from Robert, which were not confirmed. It was rumored that after that Robert and Kristen still continued to meet. There is no documentary evidence of this, but the lovers were noticed by journalists near the Beverly Hilton hotel after the Golden Globes ceremony. Together they attended a private party and retired together.

    However, Kristen and Robert still broke up. It is said that now Robert is often seen in the company of red-haired Riley Kio, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, but Riley denies rumors and claims that she does not meet with Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson has been noticed by Sarah Roemer many times, but it is unknown whether they are dating or just friends. Who is the Twilight star girl is hard to say for sure.

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