• Who can you hunt?

    Natalia Lutchin
    Natalia Lutchin
    December 14, 2012
    Who can you hunt?

    Hunting for men is not only entertainment and a great way to hang out, it’s a cult, a tribute to tradition. However, just go out and hunt, it may be fraught with consequences, you should always be aware of who you can hunt at certain times of the year. And our article will help you in this matter.

    Spring and hunting

    So, who can be hunted in the spring, having a license and a hunting ticket. In the spring season, which lasts up to 10 days, you can hunt for:

    1. woodcock (you can not shoot at a bird taking off, and at birds flying in pairs, so as not to kill the female);
    2. drake (you can with your decoy duck);
    3. goose (except geese);
    4. black grouse;
    5. wood grouse;
    6. bear (from approach, from ambush, with the use of waterfowl without a motor, or with its shutdown, as well as with hunting dogs).

    Hunting in summer

    Who can be hunted in the summer-autumn period? In this season, lasting over three months, you can hunt for the following animal species:

    1. waterfowl as well as marsh game (mallard, teal, curlew, snipe, ducks);
    2. field game (quail, partridge, pigeon);
    3. boron game (black grouse, wood-grouse, kachach, grouse, woodcock, pheasant (late autumn));
    4. a hare;
    5. a bear (except for bears that have one year old bear cubs);
    6. hoofed animals (elk, roe deer, deer, wild boar, red deer with still neosteen horns, maral);
    7. fur animals.

    It should be noted that the summer-autumn period is quite long, and hunting for different animals is permissible in unequal time periods, who can be hunted at the beginning of summer, and who at the end of autumn, it is necessary to take this into account and find out in addition.

    In addition to time periods, it is also necessary to take into account possible deviations from the rules established by the law for hunting by local environmental authorities (for example, in the Moscow region in 2011, the hunting of badger, black grouse and wood grouse was prohibited).

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