• Who buys online?

    November 21, 2014
    Who buys online?

    Currently, online commerce is a huge success and demand among consumers. In the network you can buy almost everything: from food to large household appliances. In the article we will talk - who buys in online stores.

    Target audience of online stores

    Over the past 5 years, the portrait of the average Internet buyer has changed. If earlier they were a man with a fairly high income, now the leader in online shopping is a woman.

    Another change that has occurred is an increase in the growth of Internet buyers at the expense of residents of small cities and towns.

    Currently active online shoppers have the following features

    • young age;
    • low / average income;
    • accommodation in cities and towns.


    According to statistics, 56% of women and 44% of men were among online shoppers. However, depending on the product group, the ratio may vary.For example, among consumers of consumer electronics, 62% are men, and 68% of women choose clothes and shoes online.


    Most online shoppers are under 35 years old. Buyers over 45 years old are most often men.

    Place of residence

    Most of the online shoppers are concentrated in metropolitan areas and large cities. A third of the audience lives in medium-sized cities, and the rest is in small towns and settlements.


    According to research, the online buyer has a small or average monthly wage.

    34% of buyers receive an average of 35-40 thousand rubles, 48% have an income not exceeding 18-20 thousand rubles.


    The most popular goods on the Internet are clothes and shoes, as well as cosmetics. Next in popularity are consumer electronics and appliances.

    In addition, online shoppers often order rail and air tickets online, as well as purchase entrance tickets to concerts and shows.

    More details on the list of products can be found in the articles What to buy well and What to sell well.

    Why buy online

    The main factors affecting online shopping are product quality and free shipping. These factors take into account more than 50% of buyers.

    About 30% of consumers for making a purchase have enough of the laid out image, a detailed description of the product unit and product reviews.

    Online buyers are attracted by the convenience of choosing the product of interest, the possibility of cashless payments and fast delivery.

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