• Who are the fetishists?

    Daria Shpolyanskaya
    Daria Shpolyanskaya
    July 26, 2012

    To begin with, the word fetish went from the French "fetiche" and initially carried the meaning of fanatics, fans of certain uninspired subjects. With the advent of Freud's theory, fetishism acquired new colors and meanings. Sexual fetishism in most of its cases, the disease is quite safe, and if used correctly, it can also bring diversity to the sex life.

    And yet, who are fetishists? Perhaps you have met in life, or perhaps you have seen situations in the movie when men or women use other people's intimate hygiene for sexual arousal. This is a fetish. Remember at least the film Malena, surely many people saw it. So there is one type of fetishism, when the boy, having stolen Malena's panties, masturbated on them. For adolescents, this is generally normal to a certain extent, and in the course of puberty everything passes.

    But if you noticed fetishism behind a man in adulthood - this is not the most favorable sign. Of course, nothing terrible will happen, but embarrassment and clumsiness in bed are guaranteed for you.

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