• White Crochet Bow Top

    We knit aWhite topwith a bow hook.

    Materials and tools:

    1. yarn (100% cotton, 230m / 25gr) 180g white;
    2. hook No. 0.75 and No. 1.3.  

    Pattern Description

    Motive size: 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm

    Size: 36-38


    1. vozd. n. - air loop
    2. Art. b / n - column without nakida
    3. Art. s / n - double crochet

    Knitting description

    Before starting work, we make a full-size pattern.  

    Front and back

    We knit 40 crochet motifs № 0.75 according to the scheme 1. We connect the motifs to each other in the process of knitting the last row in accordance with the pattern (the junction points are indicated by arrows). Next, we continue knitting along the top edge with crochet No. 1.3 with pattern 2 (54 rapport). At a height of 38 cm from the bottom edge of the product, we divide the knitting into 2 equal parts - front and back and then knit each part separately. &Nbsp;


    We tie armholes on both sides in accordance with the pattern. At a height of 53.5 cm from the bottom of the product we begin to knit neckline in accordance with the pattern.


    We embed similarly to the back, but with a deeper neckline. To do this, we begin to knit a notch at a height of 43 cm from the bottom edge of the product in accordance with the pattern. &Nbsp;


    We carry out the shoulder seams. We tie the neckline and the armhole 5 with the crochet №3 in rows of st. b / n. For the belt we type the crochet number 1.3 in a chain of 10 air. p. and knit art. b / n strip 110 cm long.

    For a bow, dial 16. n and knit * 4 rows of art. b / n, 1 row of Art. s / n *, repeat * - *. The finished strip is dragged in the middle, forming a bow.

    The belt is fixed at a height of 30 cm from the bottom edge of the product to the center of the front.

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