• Which TV which company is better?

    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    Kira Dobrovolskaya
    February 11, 2013
    Which TV which company is better?

    When buying a TV, many people pay attention not only to the quality, reliability, convenience and functionality of the equipment, but also to the name of the manufacturer who produces these products. That is why it is impossible to accurately answer the question of which company’s TV is better and more qualitative, since brands have been struggling in the home appliances market recently.

    Leading home appliance manufacturing company

    At the moment, the most popular company that manufactures televisions, is Samsung. That is why every year the sales volume of this manufacturer is actively growing. Due to the high quality, as well as due to the loud, promoted brand, Samsung was able to take a leading position in the market, securing a share of 11.7% of the entire manufactured equipment. As an example, we can give indicators of not less popular companies. So, LG occupies 10.6% of the market share, the well-known Philips company produces 7.3% of the total volume of household appliances, and the share of TTE and Sony is 6.2%.

    And yet, which company is better to buy a TV set, and what should one focus on? Positive feedback is given to Samsung: it is famous not only for its high quality indicators, but also for its constant innovations and the production of high-tech LCD panels. A large range of products allows this company to offer products that are focused on different financial capabilities of customers. So, the Samsung company lets out both budgetary options of TVs, and more expensive, with use of Hi-End technologies. That is why, planning to buy a good TV, you should pay attention to this manufacturer. In addition, wondering about which company’s TV is good, it’s worth remembering that it was Samsung that first released LED backlit TVs, thereby founding and patenting a new brand called LED-TV.

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