• Which is better to choose a body massager?

    Massage is not only a pleasant, but also a very useful procedure. And if you can not deliver such a pleasure, but you do not want to visit a masseur, then it makes sense to get yourself an assistant - a massager. How to choose it? What should I look for when buying such a device?

    Cool device

    Do I need such a device?

    Do I need a massage at all? After all, many live and do well without it. But in fact massage is a very useful procedure. Here are the effects that should be noted:

    • Relaxation. It's not a secret that with the help of massage it is possible to relax tense muscles, so this procedure is useful for sportsmen and people experiencing large and intensive loads. But the beneficial effect is on the nervous system, so under stress or overfatigue, this procedure will also be useful.
    • Improve blood supply to the zone. This means that the healing and regeneration processes will accelerate.
    • Supply of cells with oxygen. Tissues will begin to breathe, organs will work better.
    • Metabolism will also improve. A normal metabolism is important, for example, for weight loss.
    • It is very, very nice!
    • Sometimes a massage is needed to eliminate the effects of bruises and other injuries, as well as to treat certain diseases.

    What are the massagers?

    Manual option

    First, we list the main types of massagers:

    • Manual massager appeared a long time ago, such devices were used before our era. To achieve a massage effect, it is necessary to make certain efforts, which is not very convenient. And if we take into account the fact that the procedure will be effective only if it is sufficiently long, then you can even get tired. There may be a lot of nozzle options, so there will definitely be some impact, but not all modes are available. For example, vibration with hands is quite difficult to provide. So this option is not the best, although such massagers are inexpensive.
    • The electric massager has several modes. So, not only vibratory massage is possible, but many other types of effects that are not provided by manual devices.

    If the classification is based on the essence of the impact, then there are several types:

    1. Mechanical massager implies a mechanical effect.In this massage movements can be different: circular, spiral, zigzag and others. It is possible to use such traditional massage techniques as pressure, rubbing, tapping and so on. In fact, everything that a massage therapist does is possible.
    2. Vibrating massagers provide massage with the help of vibration manipulations. This effect allows you to warm up the area, improve blood circulation, relax muscles and increase the elasticity of the skin. For example, in case of bruises, you can apply ointment or cream to the damaged area, and then perform a vibratory massage procedure that will improve the permeability of the epidermis and help deliver the active ingredients to where they should go. As a rule, the vibratory massage is included in the set of functions of all electrical devices, implying a mechanical effect.
    3. Vacuum massagers affect the area with a vacuum. It turns out that the device literally sucks in the zone, after which more blood flows into it than under normal conditions. Due to this, the blood supply is greatly improved, the tissues get more oxygen and nutrients.The process of regeneration is accelerated, due to which there is a rejuvenating effect. Also in the area of ​​impact improves metabolism, which contributes to a more active fat burning. For example, an anti-cellulite massager acts that way.
    4. Myostimulants affect the body with microcurrents. At the same time, the muscle involuntarily contracts in the same way as during exercise. It turns out that such a device can partially replace sports, but the best effect can be achieved if you resort to myostimulation before workouts to warm up muscles or after them to continue the blood supply to the muscle tissue without loads. Such manipulations will help to make the body embossed and strengthen the muscles.
    5. Medicine does not stand still, so the latest developments are used. For example, today you can purchase a light massager. It affects the skin and subcutaneous tissue with light waves of a certain length and various colors. Different shades have different effects. The wavelength also influences the essence of the effect. With this massage, you can, for example, get rid of acne and other skin imperfections,stimulate the production of collagen fibers responsible for elasticity, get rid of pigment spots, smooth wrinkles, make stretch marks and scars less noticeable, and so on.
    6. Ultrasonic massage allows you to work on both skin and subcutaneous fat. With the help of ultrasound can accelerate the process of splitting fats, expand and clean pores, remove dead skin cells, and speed up the metabolism and tissue regeneration processes.
    7. Some massagers have the function of heat exposure, which is so necessary to eliminate pain in the muscles and joints. Also, heat massage increases the effectiveness of local remedies for injuries and injuries.

    What should I massage?

    Strong machine

    Your choice should depend on the specific zone or zones that you plan to influence with the simulator. Depending on this, you can opt for one of the following options:

    1. Body massager for cellulite allows you to deal with this problem, so that it doesn’t have so many attachments. For the impact, for example, on the muscles, this option is not suitable.
    2. Facial massager affects exactly the face area.Such a device has several attachments: for exfoliation, for pinpointing, ultrasonic and some others.
    3. Massagers for the back are distinguished by the presence of rather wide attachments. Sometimes they are performed in the form of a massage cloth with removable parts (rollers, spikes and so on).
    4. Foot massagers are most often produced in the form of baths with the functions of point effects, hydromassage and other types of influence.
    5. Universal massage machines can be used for massage of different parts of the body.

    Set of nozzles

    Pay attention to which nozzles are included. Here are the possible options:

    • Roller nozzle acts on the muscles, improves blood circulation, prevents the deposition of salts and fat.
    • Nozzle for a gentle massage can be used to work out the wrists, shoulder girdle, temporal area.
    • Nozzle for acupressure will relax and relieve tension.
    • The nozzle for muscle massage has a profound effect on muscle tissue.
    • Head attachment stimulates hair growth, improves blood circulation in the root zone.
    • Vacuum nozzle is indispensable in the fight against cellulite.
    • A warming cap is used to treat certain diseases.

    What to buy?

    To make a choice, understand what is right for you. As for the price, it will depend on the set of functions. Today there are a lot of manufacturers, the most famous are such companies as Vitek, Relax Tone, Gezatone, Relax Prof, Body Shaper and others.

    Let the choice be right!

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