• Which condom is better?

    Speech in our article will focus on the important area of ​​life of any adult. We are with you, dear reader, talk about sex, but rather about technological issues that relate to choosing the right means of protection from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Let's talk about which condom is better to choose. So:

    What is the best condom?

    Let's start with the kind of sex you prefer. In accordance with this, we select the desired type of condom:

    • Oral sex. Many experienced "sexaholics" claim that oral sex should be practiced without a condom. Here, as they say, there is no companion to the taste and color. However, remember that your partner’s mouth may contain various germs and bacteria, even if he or she regularly brushes his teeth. It is these microorganisms that often form part of food debris or remain on the teeth that can cause various infections and diseases. Therefore, for safety, many doctors recommend to engage in oral sex, using ultra-thin condoms.In order to make your partner more interesting, you can choose condoms with taste, the variety of which will not make you bored.
    • Vaginal sex. Perhaps the most common form of sex, which was provided and created by nature itself. There is nothing more natural than vaginal sex. However, it is this species that needs special attention and both partners, in this case, need a high level of protection. Which condoms are best for vaginal sex depends on your preferences and habits. If you have a low penis sensitivity, it is best to use a thinner condom. He is also suitable for sexual intercourse at a slow pace. If you are a hurricane in bed, then it is better to use condoms in a stronger way, since any non-acute movement can damage the thin shell of the superlight condoms. Do not forget that your partner will feel better the warmth of the glans penis if you use a thin condom. A little about lubrication. Her quality has a decisive effect on the quality of intercourse. As a rule, Asian-made condoms suffer from poor lubricant quality, which negatively affects the entire process of sexual intimacy.Among the leaders in this direction it is worth noting the products of companies such as Preventor and Ceylor. Some condoms contain spermicide in their lubricant, which provides additional guarantees for neutralizing the action of sperm in the event of a sudden rupture of the condom shell. Some condoms are designed to prolong the time of sexual intercourse. Thus, the choice is yours, dear reader.
    • Anal sex. The recommendations of all, so to speak, "specialists" in this field boil down to the fact that during sexual anal act the best condoms are condoms of special strength. This is due to the peculiarities of human physiology and the inability of the anus of a woman and a man to perform the act of love. In addition, when engaging in anal sex, you should use different lubricants to reduce unpleasant and painful feelings of the partner or partner.

    Important information, which should not be forgotten in the first place, concerns the condom manufacturer. Immediately, we note that buying a condom in a stall, the price of which does not exceed five rubles, brings partners closer to extreme sensations, not during sexual intercourse, but during testing of a partner during pregnancy.That is why it is not recommended to purchase such products. Here is a list of condoms that are recommended for use and are sold in Russia. What condoms are the best:

    • Durex;
    • Contex;
    • Life Styles;
    • Contempo;
    • Ceylor;
    • Innotex;
    • Preventor;
    • Masculan;
    • Sico;
    • Romed;
    • Khondoms;
    • Shields;
    • Primeros;
    • Conamore.

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