• Which apple tree to plant?

    When a professional grower chooses an apple tree for his garden, he usually thinks this way. Fruits should look attractive, that is, they should be bought. The crop should be abundant, the tree should give birth every year. The shape of the apple should be consistent with the adopted form of the crown. The tree should be well tolerated by the climate of the region.

    The gardener lover thinks like this:

    • there should be summer, winter and autumn varieties in my garden;
    • fruits must be juicy and tasty;
    • fruits must be stored for a long time;
    • the tree should be as small as possible;
    • tree care should not be difficult;
    • the garden should look beautiful;

    The gardener is an amateur, he expects from the apple not only reliable growth, stable yield and resistance to diseases, but also delicious apples. So, which apple tree to plant? It is very difficult to answer this question, because everyone likes this or that sort of apple. You can conduct an ordinary experiment. In a large family, for the winter, it is necessary to procure a sufficient number of apples of different varieties, and then simply observe which variety will end the fastest.

    Another point is the climatic conditions, because there are apples of the southern varieties that will grow, not in all regions. Somewhere they will freeze at all, but somewhere they just won't have time to reach it.

    Here is a list of both tasty and normally growing varieties in our region:

    • Melba,
    • Mac,
    • Kids Orange Red,
    • Golden Delicious,
    • Amazing
    • Orlik,
    • Glory to the winners,
    • Gloucester.

    Let's look at the description of the varieties of apple trees separately.

    Summer apple varieties

    • Melba. The variety is typical for late summer, dessert, fruits of medium size, weighing 80-120 grams, yellow-greenish, the flesh is snow-white, dense, taste is sweet and sour. Fruits for 3-5 years after planting, disease resistance is average, average winter hardiness.
    • White filling. Fruits are conically rounded, medium-sized, greenish-yellow in color, with a thin peel. Fruits well, frost resistance is average, fructifies in 2-3 years on dwarf species, and for 5-6 years on tall ones.

    Autumn apple varieties

    • Kids Orange Ed. The variety is autumn, the fruits are collected in late August. The variety has a high yield. Fruits are above average, about 150 grams, conical, yellow in color with a striped blush, fragrant, excellent taste. Sometimes they burst right on the tree, which is the only drawback.
    • Mac.The variety is rather late, the fruits are medium, there is a large size, flattened, green with a red blush. The flesh is white, juicy, with a taste of candy. Productivity is average, but stable, the keeping quality of fruits is high. Trees sredneroslye, frost resistance average.

    Winter apple varieties

    • Golden Delicious. Winter variety of apples, fruits weighing 130-190 grams, elongated-conical shape, yellow-greenish with brown sweats, pale yellow color, juicy, sweet-sour, high yield, frost resistance average.
    • Gloucester. The variety is characterized by stable fruiting, winter hardiness, resistance to diseases, good transportability of fruits. Fruits are large, about 200 grams, round-conical, ribbed. Pulp of dense type, light yellow, juicy, sweet-sour taste.

    If you are wondering what sort of apple to plant, plant a bit of everyone. For example, for a large family, you can plant 2-3 summer apple varieties, 3-4 autumn varieties, and 5-6 winter varieties, experiment with varieties of varieties and fruits, plant and acidic, and sweet fruits, fruits of different colors, different density of pulp from hard to soft varieties).Also consider frost resistance, transportability and the duration of storage of apples.

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