• Where to spend a vacation?

    Vacation is the most favorite time for any person, in whatever season this period of idleness and rest does not come. Vacations are eagerly awaited by everyone, counting the days and planning grand events. Most people try to beg vacation on summer days to rush away to the sea with their family, but, unfortunately, employers do not always meet each other. In the end, there are a lot of workers, and if everyone goes on vacation together in the summer, there will be no one to work.

    But you finally asked for a vacation from the chief and get your family together for a general discussion of the plans. You are thinking where to spend your vacation. Often, when it comes to business, it turns out that there is no room at the favorite hotel on the sea, the dacha is sick, friends have left, and as a result you cannot come to a common opinion with your whole family. How and where, then, have a good holiday? We offer several options.

    Outside the glorious homeland

    Increasingly popular are trips abroad. The cost of a trip to Turkey or Egypt is quite comparable with a holiday in the Crimea, but the service and fresh impressions are much brighter and better.Most of all Russian tourists, of course, can be found in Egypt and Turkey (depending on the season). In this regard, Croatia and Montenegro are very “offended”, although in terms of cost and beauty, these countries are in no way inferior to popular tourist destinations. Such a vacation at sea includes accommodation in a hotel or in a villa, the availability of food (we all know about the all-inclusive system). Add to this beautiful beaches, polite staff, lots of excursions and unusual color, and you will understand why more and more compatriots are choosing to go abroad to the sea for their holidays.

    If you do not really like to lie on the beach, for you there are a huge number of bus, sea and aviatur to Europe and more exotic countries. You can go as yourself, booking hotels and paving the route, and with the help of some travel agency, the main thing is to apply there in advance. Recently, a lot of tours have been organized, which for a relatively small amount of money provide an opportunity during one big trip to visit different countries, to see many interesting things at once.

    Inside the country

    Our country is also an interesting and full of attractions. Even if you travel frequently or travel on business trips around the country, you probably have not seen anything in Russia. What only is St. Petersburg - you can admire it forever! Every self-respecting person should at least once in his life take a ride on the Golden Ring - what is not an occupation for a holiday? A great option for a vacation is Sochi or the Caucasus. There is a sea, many sanatoriums and hotels, where you can not only get a pleasant impression of lying on the beach, but also undergo useful health procedures.

    If you cannot go very far, then you can rent a house outside the city or go to some boarding house or holiday home outside the metropolis. The task, of course, is greatly simplified when there is a dacha, but many people hate to dig in the ground, and a trip to relatives in the village or to the dacha usually ends with this. Therefore, a good way out is to temporarily rent a house next to a river or a forest, fry kebabs and enjoy nature and clean air. In a boarding house, in principle, you can do the same, only there they will feed you.

    And finally, if you have not yet decided where to spend your vacation, or you simply did not manage to go somewhere, and you stayed in the city, do not worry. In any city there are museums, exhibitions, concerts. In the end, vacation is a great opportunity to take a break from the frantic pace of life, to educate yourself, watch interesting films, and just sleep.

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