• Where to sell things?

    Vasa Lokki
    Vasa Lokki
    February 25, 2013
    Where to sell things?

    We are constantly working, making money, spending them to buy new things. Sooner or later the question arises, where to sell things that we no longer need? Where to put old things that have not yet been drilled to holes, if you already have a new analogue? Old things can be given to someone, thrown out or sold.

    Where to sell items

    There are three options.

    The first is the nearest market or flea market. Nobody will buy them there right away, you will have to spend some time at the improvised counter. A quicker process can go if you contact a second-hand second-hand store. There is a possibility that after the assessment your items will be immediately taken for implementation. But it depends on many factors, for example, on the quality of a thing or its uniqueness for a given store.

    The second option is to buy a newspaper ad and independently run through the column “Buy”. If you can find a similar offer and negotiate a price - your item is sold.

    And finally, the third, most winning option is the Internet,specialized sites for buying and selling. Here is really the best place to sell unnecessary things. Buyers are in 99% of cases.

    Try the most popular ones:

    • - one of the largest Russian sites of ads like “buy / sell”. Advantages - when registering and submitting an ad, you can choose a region or even a city, you do not have to send the item sold by mail.
    • - a very popular resource auction. Putting your item up for sale, you can sell it to a person from anywhere in Russia. Pros - you can sell a thing more expensive than in your own city, minuses - you still have to bother with the mail. Shipping is not very expensive, depending on the weight of the parcel. At the rates of the Post of Russia - about 13 rubles per kilogram.
    • - a popular international website for the sale of everything that is possible. To register and communicate it will require a good knowledge of English. The rest of the site provides huge benefits, because the geography of sales expands to the whole world. A sweater, for example, that went out of fashion and you haven’t needed it for a long time, it can be bought somewhere in Mexico for huge money.Pro sweater is, of course, a joke, but in fact, international trade offers you limitless possibilities.

    What is needed in order to guarantee to sell things over the Internet? Camera and some free time.

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