• Where to pierce the ears?

    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    Dmitry Chepcheruk
    August 1, 2012
    Where to pierce the ears?

    Previously, ears pierced almost in the hospital, but now parents are waiting for the baby to grow up and she wants it. Then the parents begin to think about where to pierce the ears of the child. Even primitive people pierced themselves various parts of the body to protect themselves from evil spirits, to give themselves a certain status in society, but not for decoration. With the development of civilization, man did not abandon such a tradition, but now mostly only for the sake of decorating himself with various accessories.

    Where to pierce the ears: tips

    Correct and best of all, of course, give your precious child into the hands of professionals. Best of all, if you go to a place already checked by you or your friends. This should be a professional salon or medical facility with a beauty parlor. There they will precisely carry out the procedure safely and painlessly and will prevent infection and infection. Piercing ears can only beautician education. Ask to present the relevant document, and without its presence, in no case trust your child to such a person.

    You should not trust such an operation to an amateur master who trained on himself or his loved ones. The consequences may be the most unpredictable.

    Piercing procedure

    So, the place where you can pierce the ears qualitatively, is chosen. Now about the procedure itself and what kind of manipulations will be carried out with the child. Ear piercing is carried out very quickly, of course, if the child is calm and does not resist. Beautician outlines on the ears of the future location of the holes. Then, using a special pistol makes a puncture, an earring immediately goes into the ear, which will remain there for the entire healing period. At the moment, just such a procedure, where you can pierce your ears with a pistol in a matter of minutes, is the most painless and safe. The only thing that the child will feel is a slight burning sensation that lasts no more than 5 minutes.

    Leaving after a puncture

    The wounds formed in the puncture site should be treated very carefully. In the morning and in the evening they must be treated with antiseptic agents. Suitable alcohol solution or tincture of calendula. In the first 5 days it is better to avoid contact with the ears.In the first month of the earring in no case can not be removed, since it is during this period that channels are formed and healed. To avoid bacteria in the wound, it is better to collect hair in the tail or braid. The best time for such a procedure is winter, since the risk of infection at this time is minimal.

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