• Where to go without a visa?

    If you finally have a few free days, do not sit at home, you will definitely have things to do. Allow yourself a little unplanned rest, even if you are not prepared for it.

    Where to go relax without a visa

    If you have a valid international passport, then instantly break down and buy tickets to warm countries is not a problem! You are free in the country where you do not need an entry visa, you are welcome there. Just think, you do not need to be humiliated in the consulate at the interview and prove that you do not go abroad to engage in prostitution or violate the foundations of the monarchy. You just need to want!

    Where can I go without a visa:

    1. Thailand. Where, like in Thailand or go in the midst of winter! Bathe, sunbathe, have fun all night long, and you will come home truly rested and get to work with a new force. Without a visa in Thailand can be up to 30 days. In the passport must be two blank pages, and its term ends no earlier than 6 months. until the end of the journey.
    2. Croatia. Adriatic Sea and sandy beaches. If you have a voucher, go to Croatia without a visa for at least 3 months!
    3. Turkey.When entering the country at the airport you pay a visa for 60 or 90 days. It will cost about 20 euros.
    4. Tunisia. You can go there to rest without a visa for 30 days. But note that you cannot travel to neighboring countries, as you will not be allowed back to Tunisia without a visa.
    5. Maldives - coral reefs and pristine beaches. You must book the hotel in advance and pay for the return ticket, after which you will be given a free visa for 15 days. But when leaving everyone will have to pay 10 dollars for a fee.
    6. Sri Lanka. A free 30-day visa is given to you as soon as you arrive in the country.
    7. Egypt. You will be able to stay in the country for 30 days after they have pasted a visa in your passport for about $ 15 on arrival.
    8. Dominicana. The visa will be issued directly at the airport for $ 10, the validity period is 30 days.
    9. Barbados. Visa for 28 days in the presence of a return ticket.
    10. Andora. Formally, the state does not require a visa, but in order to enter it, you will have to do a visa for Spain or France. This option disappears.
    11. Dominica. Three weeks on the island without a visa.
    12. Antigua and Barbuda - 30 days with a valid passport for another 6 months after the completion of the trip.
    13. Indonesia - a visa is given at the airport for a period of 6 or 25 days.
    14. Cambodia. One photo and $ 20, and a visa in your pocket right on arrival at the airport.
    15. Laos. In this small country you can now also be without a visa for up to 15 days.
    16. Jordan. Red and Dead Sea visa for about $ 15.
    17. Iran. Expensive visa for 15 days (about 50 euros), and you are in Iran. Remember, the woman’s head in the country should be covered with a handkerchief.
    18. Morocco. A return ticket and a certain amount should be with you, no matter how long you eat in Morocco.
    19. Seychelles - 30 days in paradise, provided that you have a return ticket and a reservation at the hotel.
    20. Madagascar. You will receive a visa for as much as 90 days, but it will cost a lot ...
    21. Zambia. The cost of a visa at the entrance will depend on the desired length of stay - 24 hours or up to 30 days.
    22. Kenya. The shores of the Indian Ocean can set you up for 3 months for $ 50.
    23. Malaysia. Fill out an immigration card at the entrance and for 30 days you have permission to stay in the country.
    24. Mauritius - 15 days rest on the island without a visa!
    25. Cuba. Where to go without a visa to mulatto, rum and Hawaiian cigars? Of course, to Cuba!
    26. Peru. Hotel voucher and return ticket give you the opportunity to enter Peru without a visa for 90 days.
    27. Namibia with an invitation or ticket for 30 days.
    28. SerbiaYou can stay up to 90 days if you have a hotel voucher, a sum of money and a return ticket.
    29. Tanzania. Three months for 50 dollars.
    30. Montenegro You can travel to Montenegro for 30 days without a visa.
    31. Ethiopia. A hundred dollars in 30 days and Ethiopia is yours for a whole month!
    32. Nepal. Two photos and $ 15 will do its job at the border, and you will receive a visa for 15 days.
    33. Tunisia. You can travel to Tunisia for 30 days without a visa.
    34. Jamaica for a month for $ 20 at the entrance.

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