• Where to go in Voronezh?

    Voronezh is known to the whole world. Here the supersonic passenger plane Tu-144 first appeared. In 2008, Voronezh received the title of the City of Military Glory for mass heroism and valor of defenders. And even if during the war many monuments were destroyed, to this day Voronezh has something to show the guests of the city and its inhabitants. If you are wondering where to go in Voronezh, then there are plenty of places that are sure to interest you.

    For avid moviegoers: Voronezh cinemas

    • Spartak (Lenin Square, 13,);
    • Cinema Park (Chizhov Gallery Center, Koltsovskaya, 35, 5th floor,);
    • Proletarian (Rev., 56,);
    • Yunost (Komissarzhevskaya Street, 7);
    • KinoMax (Moskovsky Pr., 129/1,);
    • MaxiMir (Leninsky Prospect, 174, Maksimir Mall,)
    • Illusion (st. Volodarsky, d. 37a,).

    On the website of any of the cinemas you can find a schedule of sessions, as well as book tickets in advance. You can do this by calling the numbers listed on the sites, which easily solves the problem of where to go in Voronezh.

    Shopping and entertainment complexes in Voronezh

    • Moskovsky Prospect (Moskovsky Ave., ct, d.129 / 1,);
    • Arena (23B, Pobedy Blvd.);
    • Chizhov Gallery Center (35, Koltsovskaya St.);
    • Maksimir, (Leninsky Prospect, 174 / p,);
    • City Park "Grad" (Voronezh region, vil. Ramon, on the highway M4 "Don" to the north towards Moscow, 3 km from Voronezh,).


    If you want to have a good time, be alone or have a chat with loved ones, and at the same time have a tasty meal in a good atmosphere, you are invited to restaurants in Voronezh:

    • Barhat (October 25th, 40G). The restaurant offers you the highest Azerbaijani cuisine, as well as European and Japanese dishes.
    • Restaurant "Prague", which is located on the street. Sredne-Moskovskaya, 10, offers a wide selection of European dishes.
    • Theme Restaurant "Sherlock" on the street. Komissarzhevskaya, 15, treats its guests with European cuisine in the atmosphere of the famous stories of Arthur Conan Doyle.
    • Nice Japanese restaurant "Tanuki" on the street. Friedrich Engels, 7 provides a wide range of masterfully prepared oriental dishes.
    • Lovers of fast food invites "Burger House" on the street. Pushkinskaya, 5.
    • The Italian restaurant MilanoRicci at 109, Moskovsky Prospekt, will feed you with the famous dishes of Rome and Milan.
    • Steakhouse "Pride" on Prospect Revolution, 34 A, not only feeds you delicious European cuisine, it will show the view of Voronezh from a bird's-eye view.The restaurant is located on the roof of the Desperado restaurant complex.
    • The name of the restaurant “Italian Courtyard” speaks for itself. Taste delicious Italian cuisine at: Avenue of the Revolution, 54.
    • The beer restaurant "Admiral Benbou" on Revolution Avenue, 53, offers not only a large selection of European dishes, but also a wide variety of beers from around the world.
    • "Hans Beer Club" on Revolution Avenue, 34A is another beer restaurant.


    If you want to see the city from its historical, cultural and architectural side, we advise you to visit the theaters:

    • Academic Drama Theater named after Koltsov (Teatralnaya St., 17);
    • Voronezh State Opera and Ballet Theater (Lenin Square, 7);
    • Voronezh Chamber Theater (Nikitinskaya Street, 1, entrance from Komissarzhevskaya Street);
    • Puppet Theater "SHUT" (pr. Revolutions, 50);
    • House actor (st. Dzerzhinsky, d. 5).

    In all theaters, daytime performances begin at 12 o'clock, evening performances - at 19:00, and on weekends and public holidays - at 18:00.

    Monuments of Voronezh

    • Monument to a kitten from Lizyukov Street - the hero of the cartoon of the same name, which is, of course, on Lizyukov Street.
    • "Monument in the former garden of pioneers", established near the street.Theater and st. Karl Marx;
    • Monument to the seller and buyer near the temple of Xenia of Petersburg;
    • Monument to the White Beam with a black ear near the puppet theater;
    • And also many military monuments.

    Fans of modern culture will be interested to learn that in Voronezh every year, on May 1 and 2 an anime festival takes place. This is the oldest and most respected festival in all of Russia. Hundreds of people go there every year to showcase their talents.

    Training in Voronezh

    If you are wondering about where to go to study in Voronezh, then the city offers a lot of universities. Among them:

    • Institute of High Technologies.
    • Institute of Government Communications.
    • Institute of Innovation Systems.
    • Medical Academy named after N.N. Burdenko.
    • Pedagogical University.
    • Technical University.
    • University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.
    • Aviation College named after VP Chkalov.
    • Institute of Economics and Social Management.
    • Aviation Engineering University of Voronezh.
    • Academy of Arts.
    • Agrarian University named after KD Glinka.
    • Institute of Physical Culture.
    • Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

    Voronezh is a huge city with huge opportunities.Therefore, the question of where to go in Voronezh is purely rhetorical. If only there was enough time for everything. The trip will give you a lot of positive emotions!

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